Asus Ereaders Could Be Launching Much Earlier Than Expected

The DR-950 and DR-570 weren't expected to go on sale until the very end of the year, but Digitimes is quoting sources as placing the two ereaders on a second quarter release schedule. Asus has commented they haven't yet started producing enough of the ereaders for them to launch, but the initial Q4 release date is… » 1/26/10 7:42am 1/26/10 7:42am

Asus DR-950 eBook Reader Gets Its Close-Up

The announcement that Asus was getting into the eBook reader game was a bit of a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. Now that new hands-on pics have hit Flickr, it looks like our initial enthusiasm was founded. » 1/22/10 4:00pm 1/22/10 4:00pm

Asus DR-950: Yet Another eBook Reader That's More Impressive Than the…

Out of nowhere, Asus has announced two promising eBook readers. The first had an OLED screen. And now their second reader, the DR-950, promises less color but still appears to be at least a generation beyond any Kindle. » 1/18/10 8:15am 1/18/10 8:15am