15 Ridiculous Headlines From The Dr. Oz Show's Website

Dr. Oz is in hot water over his promotion of garbage weight loss cures and anti-GMO fearmongering. His defense? The doctor claims his widely popular TV program “isn’t a medical show.” Which, if you ignore the fact that he often wears scrubs and has the word doctor right there in his show’s title, might have some truth… »4/29/15 3:29pm4/29/15 3:29pm


Hacked Emails Show Dr. Oz Wanted to Peddle Sony Wearables on His Show

The folks over at Vox have spotted a curious email that was leaked as part of the Sony hack. Back in January 2014, Dr. Oz sent a message to Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Entertainment, asking about Sony’s upcoming wearable devices. Since Sony produces his show, Dr. Oz saw an opportunity for good old fashioned… »4/20/15 2:39pm4/20/15 2:39pm

Doctors Ask Columbia University to Fire Dr. Oz Because He's Full of Shit

Dr. Oz is full of shit. He peddles garbage advice on his garbage TV show. And that's not just my opinion. It's science! Science which tells us that Dr. Oz gives advice that's baseless or wrong about half the time. But now his peers in the medical community are speaking out. »4/16/15 1:40pm4/16/15 1:40pm