"Doctor Who" Worldwide 50th Anniversary Special Is Today at 2:50PM ET

Fifty years ago today, Doctor Who began his time-traveling adventures. Today, no matter where you are, the BBC turns your TV into a TARDIS, showing Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor simultaneously around the world. » 11/23/13 12:00pm 11/23/13 12:00pm

Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg

Hey, you know how it is. One minute you're walking down a London street, minding your own business, when you accidentally step into a police call box and all of a sudden you're inside the TARDIS and the Doctor has enlisted your help fighting aliens. I hate when that happens. » 8/13/13 11:55am 8/13/13 11:55am

Scottish Scientists Invent "Sonic Screwdriver"

Part Tricorder and part lock-pick, Dr. Who's famous all-in-one device could handle any crisis—save deadlock seals. Now, researchers from Dundee University have replicated at least some of the screwdriver's functionality with a machine capable of lifting and turning suspended objects. » 4/19/12 10:00pm 4/19/12 10:00pm

Which of These Awesome Movie Weapons Would You Choose In Real Life?

Imagine you could make any of these weapons real. Which one would you choose? Gandalf the White's staff, Vader's lightsaber, Arthur's Excalibur, Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver or Harry Potter's wand? Discuss in the comments. Or just get the t-shirt at [Redbubble] » 3/29/12 10:16am 3/29/12 10:16am

Playing the Dr. Who Theme With Millions of Volts of Electricity

ArcAttack graced us with their musical Tesla coils—and an entertaining interview—at last year's Gizmodo Gallery. And as impressed as we were with their performance then, I'm downright giddy that they've added the Dr. Who theme to their repertoire. » 5/27/10 8:20pm 5/27/10 8:20pm

Nemo Gould's Bogeyman and Praying Mantis Could Easily Be Dr. Who

I love Daleks and Cybermen because they're illogically terrifying: The clumsier the tech, the scarier they get. Nemo Gould's found-material sculptures unlock the same secret brain code, being cartoony and scary at the same time. » 4/17/09 10:00pm 4/17/09 10:00pm

Dr. Who Sonic and Laser Screwdrivers Are Really Vibrators In Disguise

I mean, come on » 9/03/08 8:30am 9/03/08 8:30am. Look at these two. Dr. Who Sonic vs Laser Screwdrivers? Dr. Who? When was the last time you travelled back in time? Hello? How hard is to actually go to an online sex-shop and anonymously order the real thing? They come in the same brown cardboard UPS package, do we really have to pretend this is a…

The Dalek Voice Changing Helmet Will Exterminate Your Love Life

The popularity of the hideous Dalek Sec Hybrid Mask last year proved once again that Dr. Who fans are a loyal bunch. Soon, these fans will be able to strike fear/laughter in the hearts of their enemies once again by donning this dapper Dalek voice changing helmet. Naturally, you will be able to run around yelling… » 4/23/08 4:00pm 4/23/08 4:00pm

Doctor Who Outed as Secret Ikea Shopper, as Tardis Brought to Set…

Fans of the revivified British TV series Doctor Who are, apparently, reeling, after the shock discovery that the Tardis, the Time Lords' equivalent to a Toyota Prius, comes in a flatpack. "I expected the Tardis to beam down from some far-off galaxy," said one shocked onlooker, "but it looked more like some flatpack… » 3/04/08 8:26am 3/04/08 8:26am

Parents Build Tardis Bedroom for Their Little Doctor Who Clone

Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of information (or pictures for that matter) of the Tardis bedroom that Steve Baker of Sittingbourne, Kent, built for his 10-year-old son George, but the image included here should give you the gist. Obviously the kid is a rabid Doctor Who fan —an obsession that is only… » 12/21/07 7:00pm 12/21/07 7:00pm

Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio Picks Up FM/AM/Invasion Orders

Show your support for the intergalactic robotic conquerers with the Dr. Who Cyberman Shower Radio. Not only will it observe you with its cold, black sockets, the Cyberman Radio receives FM/AM stations and its mouth glows when you tune around. Its about six inches tall, has a hanging cord, and requires three AAA… » 7/16/07 5:30pm 7/16/07 5:30pm

Dr. Who Cyberman Helmet Video Review

More a gimmick or Halloween prop than anything, the Dr. Who Cyberman Helmet changes has three voice settings and makes you look like a Cyberman from Dr. Who—we've never actually seen the show. The product's okay, but the review was so cute we couldn't not » 8/04/06 3:25pm 8/04/06 3:25pm show it. This is the same reviewer Susi from Shiny Shiny that…

K-9 Makes A Comeback

Some of us here at Gizmodo have never had much love for AIBO, if only because we watched a lot of Dr Who growing up and no robot dog of our present could ever hope to compare with K-9. Sony, please feel free to discuss this with us if you ever trot out an AIBO with a laser in its nose, but till then our opinion holds… » 4/27/06 1:05pm 4/27/06 1:05pm