Can A Ludicrous Tesla Model X Beat A Ludicrous Model S In A Drag Race?

Now that the new Tesla Model X electric SUV is finally being delivered to customers it’s time to see just exactly what kind of performance we can expect. Luckily for us, Tesla followed up the insanely powerful Ludicrous mode Model S P90D with an equally Ludicrous Model X P90D, and somebody raced them.


What It's Like to Be in a Drag Race That Goes from 0 to 316mph in 3.77 Seconds

It’s over so fast, you don’t even know what happens. Here’s what it’s like to be inside the hot rod of 2013 NHRA Top Fuel champion Shawn Langdon. He guns his car from zero to 316mph in a ridiculous 3.77 seconds and all you really get to see and feel is a total blur in which you probably ingested mushrooms and hit…