NASA must fast forward the manned use of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft

» 3/11/14 8:37pm 3/11/14 8:37pm

This new cool SpaceX photo popped in my Twitter feed right after reading how Putin is annexing Crimea to Russia in the same way Hitler annexed the Sudetenland to Germany back in 1938. I don't know what will happen next but this is yet one more reason why NASA should fast forward the manned use of SpaceX's Dragon… » 3/11/14 8:37pm 3/11/14 8:37pm

This Is the Mythical Animal Actually Found By North Korean…

The world got it all wrong, so you can all stop laughing now. The North Korean archeologists didn't find a magic unicorn lair belonging to an ancient king in Pyongyang. Don't be stupid! No, they actually found the lair of the animal you are seeing above. » 12/07/12 2:04pm 12/07/12 2:04pm

First Private Space Resupply Mission Has Been a Complete Success

The first private rocket company in the world—SpaceX of Hawthorne, California—has just achieved a big success for space exploration and the American space industry: their Dragon spaceship has successfully docked with the International Space Station at 9:05AM. » 10/10/12 9:05am 10/10/12 9:05am

Here Are the Companies That Will Get Us Back to Space

NASA may have shuttered its Space Shuttle program, but we knew that wasn't the end of manned American trips to space. Today, NASA shelled out 1.1 billion dollars to three private firms who have been working on spacecrafts of their own: Boeing, Sierra, and SpaceX. » 8/03/12 12:40pm 8/03/12 12:40pm

This NASA Simulator Fakes Space in the Middle of Texas

With modern space travel now the work of private industry operating under the guidance of NASA, how do you make sure that the custom hardware running on, say the Dragon Module interfaces with the custom hardware aboard the ISS? You bug-test the shit out of them beforehand in NASA's Systems Engineering Simulator. » 6/20/12 11:30am 6/20/12 11:30am

These Are the Reactions of an ISS Astronaut to SpaceX's Dragon

On Friday, history was made as SpaceX's Dragon docked with the International Space Station, marking the start of a future of privatized space exploration. Now, one of the astronauts aboard the ISS has shared his reactions to Dragon and posted them on his blog. » 5/29/12 3:35am 5/29/12 3:35am

All Systems Go For First Private Spacecraft To Reach the Space Station

NASA and SpaceX have a date for the launch of the Dragon spacecraft that will reach the International Space Station: Saturday, May 19, from 4:55 AM ET/1:55 AM ET. It will be a historic moment. Here's what will happen: » 5/11/12 6:16pm 5/11/12 6:16pm

SpaceX Forced to Delay Launch to Space Station

SpaceX has once again been forced to delay the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft. The latest launch date was scheduled for Monday, May 7 from Cape Canaveral in Florida and a new date hasn't been set. Issues with the software responsible for controlling the automated spacecraft have caused several of… » 5/03/12 4:17am 5/03/12 4:17am

The First Look Inside America's First Private Spaceship

On June 2010, SpaceX launched into orbit a simplified version of their Dragon capsule. It was the first private spaceship in history, and it was a complete success. Now they are human testing it, getting it ready for its first manned flight. » 3/18/12 6:24pm 3/18/12 6:24pm

Here's How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV

Nuance, the amazing voice recognition technology behind Siri and other voice recognition software on phones, has announced that they'll be bringing their voice tech to TVs now with Dragon TV. Basically, Nuance wants you to talk to your TVs. And since Apple is supposedly making an HDTV that let's you talk to the TV,… » 1/10/12 1:01pm 1/10/12 1:01pm