DelFly Micro Dragonfly Is Smallest Creepy Autonomous Spybot Yet

We told you the tiny DelFly II robotic dragonfly spy cam was just the beginning, and we were right. The same Dutch roboticist is now unveiling the DelFly Micro-with a wingspan of just 10cm and a weight of 3.07 grams, it's the first to be smaller than an actual real-life dragonfly. Granted, the dragonfly being used for… » 7/23/08 7:20pm 7/23/08 7:20pm

Solar Dragonfly Flaps Wings Feebly, Makes Us Sad

James Watts spends his time putting together fantastic insect-bot sculptures, and the Solar Dragonfly is one of the best. The solar panels running down the body actually power the wings, which are then kicked into motion using a pager motor. Sure, it looks swell, but we can't help but think the Solar Dragonfly would… » 2/24/08 11:59pm 2/24/08 11:59pm

My Cat Vs. The Dragonfly, The Battle to End All Battles

Click to viewLet me give you a little background on my cat. She may look innocent, and on many accounts she is. But there are grown men in this world who fear her, as if she is a full-grown lion prepared to maim those who do not refill her water dish with the proper alacrity. (To be fair, half of that description is… » 3/04/07 6:02pm 3/04/07 6:02pm

R/C Dragonfly Flaps Its Wings, Scares the Cat

Get out of the way, because here comes the Dragonfly, a next-generation radio-controlled flyer that beats its wings just like the real thing. Its wing-flapping flight is stabilized by a tiny tail rotor, but no need to worry about constant crashes—it has a simplified Beginner Mode for the fumble-fingered flyer. Then… » 12/05/06 10:19am 12/05/06 10:19am