What If Samsung Stopped Supplying Parts For the iPhone 4?

This is all hypothetical, but what would happen to the iPhone 4 if Apple's vigorous legal campaign against Samsung caused an irreparable rift between the two companies? » 8/10/11 9:56pm 8/10/11 9:56pm

World's Fastest DDR3 Memory Belongs in a Rice Rocket

Not being much of a crazy overclocking modder myself, I don't really get the ridiculous Fast and the Furious design on this A-Data XPG Plus RAM, but the stats don't lie—this module is super speedy at 2,200MHz. » 8/04/09 7:00am 8/04/09 7:00am

Second-Largest DRAM Maker Qimonda's Bankruptcy Drives Memory Prices Up…

A glut of supply has kept DRAM prices at rock-bottom lows recently, but now that the second-largest supplier of RAM chips—Germany's Qimonda AG—has filed for bankruptcy, we could be in for a price spike. » 2/03/09 12:40pm 2/03/09 12:40pm

MRAM: A Blockbuster Slated for 2015 Release

The Good News: Toshiba and Hitachi are both flaunting new technologies to make MRAM (the successor to DRAM) more plausible for public consumption. Plus, the United States and Korea both have begun national-level projects to develop the tech. » 6/11/08 9:15am 6/11/08 9:15am

640GB Flash Hard Drive For a Paltry $19,000

Sure, it costs $30 a GB, but Fusion-io's new ioDrive flash card promises ridiculous 800MB/sec (Read) and 600MB/sec (Write) sustained data transfer rates. That would mean performance on par with DRAM, which would be about a thousand times faster than any existing disk drive. Basically, it's like packing an enterprise… » 10/08/07 6:40pm 10/08/07 6:40pm

Samsung Sued For Price Fixing

Oops. Samsung may have to take a rap on the hand for fixing prices on dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips that use Rambus technology. Samsung has actually put in a plea agreement that would let the company pay a $300 million fee over five years, though a US District Court judge in the San Francisco Division is… » 11/30/05 9:46am 11/30/05 9:46am