Amazon Is Baiting Hachette Authors With 100 Percent Profits

Amazon and publishing company Hachette remain in negotiations after a very public brawl over ebook pricing, and Amazon's pulling out some down and dirty trick to win its battle, including jacking up Hachette book prices. Amazon's latest gambit is more carrot than stick: Amazon executive David Naggar sent a letter to a… » 7/08/14 3:34pm 7/08/14 3:34pm

Netflix's House of Cards Has Stormed the Emmys

Netflix made history last night by scoring three Emmys—in the process becoming the first company to win awards for online-only shows. » 9/23/13 3:35am 9/23/13 3:35am

Euphonia: A Free Cinematic Film About Our Love Affair With Technology

This wonderful 53-minute movie, released for free on Vimeo and produced with no budget, tells the story of of a high schooler obsessed with experiencing the world through technologically created sound bites. » 4/23/13 6:21am 4/23/13 6:21am

How Hollywood Is Making Texting Look Dramatic

We all increasingly rely on non-verbal forms of communication—email, IM, texting—to let people know what's going on in our lives. That's great for us, but it's causing headaches in Hollywood when it comes to creating drama. » 4/08/13 6:26am 4/08/13 6:26am

Trainspotting: Because It's Shite Being Scottish

"Choose life, choose a career..." blah blah blah, you don't have to do any of that tonight, just choose to watch this movie. Trainspotting is one of the best book-to-movie adaptations ever. Ev-er. The characters from Irvine Welsh's novel are brought to life with perfection. » 3/25/12 7:36pm 3/25/12 7:36pm

Casablanca: The Best Love Movie Ever—And Possibly the Best Movie, Period

Every year I watch Casablanca and Singin' In the Rain. I need them. They make me happy. Singin' In the Rain is just silly, lighthearted and flawlessly directed, sometimes visually surreal and abstract, always a joy. Casablanca has it all and, on top of that, it's the perfect lovers movie. » 2/14/12 11:43pm 2/14/12 11:43pm

The Right Stuff: Human Heroes in Space

Astronauts are the coolest possible human beings, and no movie has ever nailed it quite like this one. Watch and aspire to be as awesome as these guys. Oh, and tear up about space glory. » 12/11/11 8:00pm 12/11/11 8:00pm

Enter the Void: A Japanese Drug Odyssey

Tonight's streaming pick is an HD injection of drugs directly into your brain. If you're sober you'll feel... not sober. If you're not sober, your skull will explode. » 11/21/11 7:00pm 11/21/11 7:00pm

Raging Bull: The Greatest Boxing Movie Ever (!)

Raging Bull is the greatest boxing movie of all time. It's also an enormously classic film—Scorsese, De Niro, punching, blood. And it's a true story. » 11/15/11 7:00pm 11/15/11 7:00pm

RIM Co-CEO Fires Back at Apple and Its 'Distortion Field'

During an earnings call yesterday, Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance to talk Apple up and talk down just about everyone else. But RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie has a message for those who exist outside of Apple's "distortion field:" » 10/19/10 4:47pm 10/19/10 4:47pm

The Young and the Restless and the Tech Support Guy Who Wanted Nude…

Click to viewOh what a tangled web we weave. The local ABC affiliate in San Francisco is reporting a scandalous tale of misplaced nude photos, fraudulent laptop purchases, pornographic websites, and a Dell tech support guy—basically an internet soap opera. » 7/30/10 1:29pm 7/30/10 1:29pm

Fake Mars Mission Befallen By Real Drama

The Mars Society is a group that prepares for man's eventual exploration of Mars with simulations in the Utahan desert. But their mission logs, posted regularly on the group's website, reveal a tension that is very real—and very funny. » 2/20/10 6:20pm 2/20/10 6:20pm

Sassy Google Employee To Arrington: You Shall Not Pass Whilst Talking…

Yesterday, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington was driving around Google's campus, talking on his phone trying to figure out where exactly his meeting was. One righteous Googler didn't approve of Arrington's potentially unsafe talking-while-driving, so he took a stand. Literally. » 2/06/10 12:20pm 2/06/10 12:20pm