Update: Dream Car 123 Trades Dignity for Energy Efficiency

Last we left the Dream Car 123, the pyramid-shaped electric car that always gets picked last in kickball games, it was (in the words of Addy) "pootling" along the snowy streets of Illinois »9/14/08 5:00pm9/14/08 5:00pm at about 45 mph, with a 80-mile range. Today we can report that, while the thing still looks like all sorts of ridiculousness,…


Father and Sons Build Electric Car—a Popemobile for Pharaohs

Greg Zanis' Dream Car is a solar-powered pyramid on four wheels that he built at home with the help of his two sons. Deceptively fragile, this little one-seater weighs in at 8,000 pounds, but its 80 batteries powering four electric engines really make it shift. Find out how fast, and watch the video of it pootling… »2/19/08 1:20pm2/19/08 1:20pm