Ball Dropping RC Chopper Just Revolutionized the Game of Fetch

Until recently, playing fetch was just about the laziest way you could interact with a dog. But it's since been trumped by this iPhone controlled helicopter that's able to drop a tennis ball payload up to thirty feet away. Why kill your arm throwing when a few simple touchscreen gestures can keep your pup entertained… »10/17/12 1:20pm10/17/12 1:20pm


Chrome USB Joypad Is Fingerprint Magnet (Might Be A Real Magnet Too)

PC gamers with a slight sense of style might find this chrome joypad from Dream Cheeky worth a look. It's got all the necessary buttons for some gaming streamlined console-esque gaming on PCs, plus a rubberized grip in the back to fight slippage during intense NES emulator sessions ( sorry, no »8/24/08 2:00pm8/24/08 2:00pm update: definitive Mac…