Homemade Handheld Dreamcast is the Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Ah, the Dreamcast. Just whispering its name brings thousands of fanboys to half-mast, so I can't even imagine the number of popped tents this beautiful handheld Dreamcast is going to provoke. It really is a work of beauty, isn't it? We've seen portable Dreamcasts »10/15/08 10:15am10/15/08 10:15am before, but this one just looks so much better. Created…

John Carmack Says iPhone As Powerful as Dreamcast, More Powerful Than DS and PSP Combined

We're all for making hyperbolic statements about how powerful the iPhone is as a gaming system, but John Carmack's taking things to the next level. As you remember, Sega has previously said that the iPhone is as powerful as their Dreamcast system, and EA has previously said that it's more powerful than the DS, but… »8/04/08 11:52am8/04/08 11:52am

Portable Dreamcast Makes Us Cast Our Dreams Away in Favor of Reality, Almost

The Dreamcast, borderline success that it was, always held a special place in our hearts. We just had a soft spot for punching the crap out of each other during a session of Virtua Fighter. That is why this Portable Dreamcast, put together by a zealous fanboy, has us experiencing a warm feeling in the pits of our… »1/07/08 3:10pm1/07/08 3:10pm

Is Sega Working on Dreamcast II? Please Let This Be True

I know that there are a lot of Dreamcast fanboys out there, so let me get your hopes up (only to have them dashed later on down the line most likely). A recent trademark update by Sega has sparked rumors that they may be thinking about a return to the console biz with a second coming of the Dreamcast. From the filing: »12/06/07 5:40pm12/06/07 5:40pm