dreamGEAR Wii GameBlaster Looks Better Than Nintendo's

Unlike the official Nintendo Wii lightgun accessory that has the trigger up in the front hand—which is more awkward than Frankenstein dancing—the dreamGEAR Wii GameBlaster has only one trigger, and it's in the back. Also unlike the official gun, it takes in both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk controller and connects the… »11/08/07 2:20pm11/08/07 2:20pm

DreamGear Soft Sports Kit May Reduce Wii-Remote-Induced Facial Bruising

We've all been known to smack a fellow Wii Tennis player in the head, especially when down 40-Love, two games to zilch. DreamGear's new Soft Sports Kit has playful Nerf-like attachments that help avoid the subsequent stitches. You put your Wiimote right into a little casing, then snap on the tip of your choice,… »11/07/07 6:20pm11/07/07 6:20pm