A Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is On Fire In London (Ugh, Not Again)

Looks like yet another Dreamliner is on fire—this time, it's on the tarmac at London Heathrow Airport. (Luckily, it appears the jet is empty.) You'll remember that the Boeing 787 was initially grounded back in January after one of the aircraft caught fire on the ground at Boston Logan Airport. This new fire comes… »7/12/13 12:44pm7/12/13 12:44pm


Overhauled Boeing 787 Dreamliner Officially Cleared for Take Off by the FAA (Updated)

Nearly four months after grounding the Dreamliner because its battery exploded into flames on the tarmac in Boston, the FAA has cleared the maligned Boeing 787 for commercial flights. The plane will be permitted to fly up to 180 minutes from its point of departure—the same clearance it had before. »4/19/13 3:05pm4/19/13 3:05pm