See how the Dreamworks logo before its movies changed over time

Ethan Jones is back with another interesting visual breakdown of movie logos, this time focusing on DreamWorks. You know that intro sequence, where a fishing line gets dropped into the water from a boy on the moon. Here are all the variations that have popped up in DreamWorks movies since they first started using the… »3/30/15 10:30pm3/30/15 10:30pm


Movie About Kodachrome is Still Going Ahead, Only at 20th Century Fox Instead

DreamWorks was the studio first interested in the script about the dead Kodachrome film, but as it turns out, the director of the movie has a contract with Fox that means they must get a first look at any scripts he takes on. Apparently they did have a peek and initially passed, so that's why he went to DreamWorks,… »5/02/11 3:45am5/02/11 3:45am

Dreamworks Still Tied to HD DVD's Corpse By Toshiba Contract

Okay, so one big studio actually hasn't made the jump to Blu yet: Dreamworks, which was paid $100 million to join HD DVD back in August. As we had pieced together in our closed-door analysis, they can't break rank until Toshiba lets them. Says Dreamworks chief: "It really is in their court at this point to really… »2/27/08 12:50pm2/27/08 12:50pm

HD DVD Paid $150 million to Studios for "Promotional Consideration"

Paramount and Dreamworks went HD DVD exclusive today. Then, a Hollywood news blog reported that the HD DVD camp paid Paramount $50 million and DreamWorks Animation $100 million for "promotional consideration." We asked Paramount and the HD DVD camp about this, and received a quick albeit vague reply: "Whenever we… »8/20/07 5:39pm8/20/07 5:39pm

PMA 07: HP Announces DreamColor, An Open System for Standard Colors All Over the Universe

HP's Executive VP of Imaging and Printing Vyomesh Joshi (pictured above) actually made a bit of news at PMA 07 in the midst of his flurry of desperate-sounding guff and cheerleading about getting people to print more pictures so the company could continue earning astronomical profits by price gouging the public with… »3/09/07 9:09am3/09/07 9:09am