These Gaze-Sensitive Garments Move When They're Looked At

Staring at another person's clothing is generally considered rude—in fact, the mere concept of gaze has its own history and critical literature. But in this particular case, it’s recommended: These two dresses, by Montreal designer Ying Gao, aren’t really complete unless someone is staring at them. »6/24/13 6:10pm6/24/13 6:10pm

Transformer Dresses Should Be Mandatory for all Hawt Chicks (NSFW)

We've featured avant-garde Brit designer Hussein Chalayan before, but this time he's really outdone himself with Transformer-style clothing. Either it's magic, or there's an invisible perv lifting these ladies' hemlines &mdash in the case of the last girl, he lifts them so high that her dress disappears into her hat… »9/20/07 6:22am9/20/07 6:22am