State Farm Driver Feedback App Wants You to Know You're Doing it Wrong

Just in case the old ladies flipping you off after you clip them in the crosswalk isn't enough, State Farm has released the Driver Feedback App to rate just how poorly you drive. By measuring (and recording!) how hard you accelerate, brake and corner based on your iPhone's accelerometer and GPS location, the app is… »5/02/11 10:40pm5/02/11 10:40pm

HTC Says Software Update Coming, May or May Not Fix Video Issues

The HTC video driver controversy might be coming to an end, as the promised software fix may or may not be released soon. Why the uncertainty? Because HTC themselves didn't specify whether this update even fixes it, not confirming one way or the other that on it enabling Qualcomm's 2D or 3D graphics support. Actually,… »4/28/08 4:30pm4/28/08 4:30pm