Road rage driver shows why road rage is so silly by crashing his car

We're so lucky that Russia is doing its part in documenting history through dash cams because we get to see idiots act like idiots every other day. Here we get to see a foolish driver in road rage, who didn't merge into a lane fast enough, 'retaliate' on the car who 'cut him off' by speeding and braking hard. Only the… »5/12/14 7:58pm5/12/14 7:58pm

Windows 7 Will Have Same Foundation as Vista, Be Mostly Secret Until Launch

Microsoft's Windows chief Steven Sinofsky gave an interview to CNet News, throwing out some tidbits of knowledge on what's to come in Windows 7. Of the few details Steven actually gave out, the most interesting one is that it won't be using MinWin, a tiny Kernel that was supposed to replace the one in Vista. Instead,… »5/27/08 5:21pm5/27/08 5:21pm

HTC Says Software Update Coming, May or May Not Fix Video Issues

The HTC video driver controversy might be coming to an end, as the promised software fix may or may not be released soon. Why the uncertainty? Because HTC themselves didn't specify whether this update even fixes it, not confirming one way or the other that on it enabling Qualcomm's 2D or 3D graphics support. Actually,… »4/28/08 4:30pm4/28/08 4:30pm

The Conclusion: Creative Backs Down Against Driver Modder, Reinstates Posts

The story of Daniel_K vs. Creative reaches a temporary conclusion as Creative reinstates the deleted forum posts by Daniel that helped other users get their sound cards working under Vista. The company did this as a result of angry forum and blog posts (some here as well), mostly all siding with Daniel. »4/04/08 4:30pm4/04/08 4:30pm

HP Refuses to Update Certain Printer Drivers For Leopard, Recommends New Model Instead

Is it reasonable to expect a company to update drivers for a new operating system if an all-in-one printer is only four years old? We'd think so, but HP is having none of this for their Officejet 6110. When Matt asked HP for updated drivers for OS X Leopard, HP told him that printing will still work, but scanning was… »3/15/08 6:00pm3/15/08 6:00pm

HTC Says Software Fix is Coming For Lousy Video Drivers

Users have been complaining about HTC's undercooked video drivers for the TyTN II, the touch and the Mogul for a while—only to get various reassurances that everything is OK in response—but HTC's finally released a statement saying that a fix is coming. They say that the video acceleration will be supported in the… »2/25/08 2:50pm2/25/08 2:50pm

ATI Graphics May Be at the Root of iMac Freezing Issues

Apple's new iMac has been plagued by random—but reproducible for some—freezing issues, and it appears that the ATI Radeon HD graphics card and its drivers could be to blame. According to users participating in official Apple support discussions (here and here), the iMac continues to run during the freeze, but users… »10/04/07 11:00pm10/04/07 11:00pm