Microsoft Screws Customers Less, Keeps MSN Music Servers Open Late

Microsoft will extend the life of its MSN Music servers—that authorize its old purchased music for new PCs or players—to at least 2011, after originally scheduling them for shutdown later this year. After "careful consideration", it decided it was a good idea to hold off on screwing the poor folks who bought songs… »6/19/08 12:09pm6/19/08 12:09pm


Nine Inch Nails Releases Free Album In High Definition Audio

Tren Reznor is not only breaking the old distribution model, he's even breaking the newest, like Radiohead's pay-what-you-want: Nine Inch Nails' latest album—The Slip—is 100% free, no payment required in any case, not even when you download the whooping 1.2GB version—which includes high definition WAVE 24/96 files… »5/05/08 9:50am5/05/08 9:50am

AnyDVD HD Is Here, So Start the Blu-ray BD+ DRM Crackin'

Late last year, disc-copying software maker SlySoft claimed they cracked the BD+ DRM protection in Blu-ray discs. They weren't kidding. The newest version of AnyDVD HD strips Blu-ray discs of BD+, allowing you to copy even the most locked-up Blu-ray discs (*cough*Fox*cough*) to your heart's content—assuming the copies… »3/19/08 4:35pm3/19/08 4:35pm

Wal-Mart Joins Amazon to Push Labels to Ditch DRM Once and For All

Even if the remaining major labels who have yet to ditch DRM are dragging their feet on the road of inevitability, major online retailers don't feel like waiting around for them to finally do the deed. Wal-Mart has reportedly made an ultimatum of some sort to major labels demanding that they start selling their… »12/03/07 9:54am12/03/07 9:54am

It is Going to Take a Whole Lot of Thongs to Fight the RIAA

If you recall, a jury full of dumbasses recently stuck it to Jammie Thomas to the tune of $222,000 for downloading 24 pirated songs from Kazaa. Now, I don't know about you, but most people can't make this go away by whipping out their checkbook. So what does an average 30 year old single mother of two do to pull… »10/29/07 9:20pm10/29/07 9:20pm

Nine Inch Nails Dumps Record Labels, Going Direct to Fans

Hear that? It's the RIAA quaking in their diamond-coated boots as yet another A-list band gives labels the finger: Pretty hate machine Trent Reznor announced today that "as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label." Instead of futzing through the hapless… »10/08/07 7:00pm10/08/07 7:00pm

Viacom CEO Still All About DRM, Will Hopefully Retire Soon

While it seems like many sensible companies have realized that DRM doesn't curb piracy and just pisses off their customers, it appears that Viacom didn't get the memo. Today, CEO Philippe Dauman whined to the US Chamber of Commerce that it's too easy to copy media and that companies should be using stronger, more… »10/02/07 3:31pm10/02/07 3:31pm