We Need More Fat Phones With Killer Battery Life

Your smartphone has a terrible battery life. I can say this with confidence because it is universally true. Phones today have ludicrous screens and processors that rival the supercomputers of days gone by, but they can't last a day. We need more thick-ass phones that make it through the weekend. » 10/28/14 4:47pm 10/28/14 4:47pm

Droid Turbo Hands-On: A Super-Powered Smartphone That Lasts For Days

There have been lots of leaked documents and images ahead of Verizon's Droid Turbo announcement, but yes, this thing has powerful guts to spare. Including maybe the most important feature a smartphone can have: A battery that'll keep you going for days. » 10/28/14 11:35am 10/28/14 11:35am

The Droid Turbo Could Have the Biggest Phone Battery You've Ever Seen

Want a phone with seriously killer battery life? I hope you're on Verizon, because it looks like the new Droid Turbo was built specifically for you. An image that showed up on TaoBao (basically Chinese Ebay) says that sucker will pack a mammoth 3,900 mAh battery. That is a lot of power. » 10/10/14 9:52am 10/10/14 9:52am

Is This The Next Motorola Droid?

Well, well, well, look who's back? After all the Motorola-Google drama, it looks like a new Droid is on the way. The usually reliable Hellomotohk has shots of a brand-new Motorola handset, and it doesn't appear to be a China-exclusive phone. » 9/23/14 9:15pm 9/23/14 9:15pm

Fully functional, full size Lego R2-D2

From now on, Motorola will be the only company that makes Droid-branded phones for Verizon says CNET. But of course that won't stop half the world from calling their Samsung and HTC Android phones Droids. Sigh. » 7/23/13 11:03pm 7/23/13 11:03pm

Motorola Droid Maxx: 48 Hours of Battery Life in One Powerful Package

Verizon showed off a whole slew of new Droid smartphones today—the Droid MAXX, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini. And with all three smartphones the keyword is battery life. Update: Hands on! » 7/23/13 11:56am 7/23/13 11:56am

DNA vs Razr: What's Your Pick?

The HTC Droid DNA and Motorola's Droid RAZR HD/RAZR MAXX HD are all sweet handsets. The DNA of course has an edge in terms of screen and display while the RAZRs' battery lives are unmatched in the Android ecosystem. Sure the HTC One will be frickin' awesome when it does eventually show up but "later this spring" is… » 3/28/13 5:40pm 3/28/13 5:40pm

Siri Was Going to be a Droid Feature, Until Apple Stole It Away

Way back in the mists of 2009, before Siri was even a twinkle in Apple's eye, Verizon was planning to add the app to all of its Android smartphones. Sadly for the carrier, that didn't last. » 1/23/13 8:00am 1/23/13 8:00am

The Most Important Phones Of 2012

The smartphone market of 2012 has seen some heated competition. The usual contenders all released solid hardware. But the dynamic between them changed, too—Windows Phone arrived as a serious third OS option, and 2012 ended with exciting new models of iPhone and Android devices. Here's a look at the best new products… » 12/10/12 5:02pm 12/10/12 5:02pm

HTC Droid DNA Review: Verizon's Big, Beautiful Beast

AT&T has the One X. Sprint has the EVO 4G LTE. But it's been a long while since Verizon customers had an HTC flagship to call their own. » 11/16/12 2:29pm 11/16/12 2:29pm

You Can Test Drive New Motorola Software Ahead of Official Releases Soon

You know how it takes OMG like foreverz to get the newest version of Android on your phone? Motorola has a new plan that'll get you its latest and greatest software long before you normally would. It's called Test Drive. » 11/13/12 2:05pm 11/13/12 2:05pm

HTC Droid DNA Hands On: This Thing Is Sick

The HTC One X, the EVO 4G LTE, and the One X+ are among our favorite phones. But the company hasn't had a flagship device for Verizon in a long time. Now, with the Droid DNA, HTC decided to go all out and make the most impressively spec-filled smartphone the world has yet known. » 11/13/12 11:59am 11/13/12 11:59am

Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Review: Long Live These…

Last year's Droid RAZR paired a revelatory design with a lousy screen and lousier battery life. This year's updates—the Droid RAZR HD and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD—put both of those weaknesses squarely in their crosshairs. » 10/22/12 4:43pm 10/22/12 4:43pm

Motorola’s RAZRi Has a Whopping 2GHz Intel Processor

Calling it their "biggest launch since the original RAZR" (no sniggering in the back row, please), Motorola's RAZRi is the first phone with a 2GHz Intel processor; however good that may be. Sounds impressive though, non? » 9/18/12 6:00am 9/18/12 6:00am

Motorola Droid RAZR M Review: The Best Non-Giant Android Phone

Android phones have been getting bigger and bigger, and that's not everyone's cup of tea. As Motorola said at unveiling of the Droid RAZR M, "Some people just want a smaller phone." Does this phone, designed to fill that niche, still deliver on performance? » 9/10/12 1:30pm 9/10/12 1:30pm

Motorola Droid RAZR HD: Beauty in a Kevlar Coat

We haven't seen a flagship device from Verizon and Motorola since the last Droid RAZR was announced nearly a year ago. A case could be made for the RAZR MAXX, announced at CES, but Moto needed something new and splashy to compete with the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. » 9/05/12 2:25pm 9/05/12 2:25pm

Motorola's Secret Weapon for Its Next Android Phone Is a Complete…

The Motorola phones that have leaked before its announcement event next week have mostly been varying degrees of meh. Droid Razr somethin' or another who cares. How are they going to make some noise? How about a complete edge-to-edge screen, meaning the entire front of the device is the display? Whoa. » 8/31/12 6:35pm 8/31/12 6:35pm

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Review: A New Android Phone That's Actually…

Gargantuan Android phones are everywhere. But a lot of people just want something smaller. The Incredible 4G is one of the few phones that isn't the size of a dinner plate, but it also raises a question: Does an Android OS even make sense on smaller screens anymore? » 7/24/12 4:00pm 7/24/12 4:00pm