Honda's Groin-Threatening Robo-Legs Demonstrated On Video

Why Honda took a few days to seed a video of their potentially emasculating robotic legs » 11/10/08 6:18am 11/10/08 6:18am is beyond me, but here it is: a faceless man running the "Walking Assist Device" through its strides (ha, ha). My fears of testicular danger are only partially mitigated, and the fact that the legs have a hilariously feminine…

Honda Robo-Legs Help Mobility at the Expense of Fertility

Honda's first foray » 11/07/08 7:11am 11/07/08 7:11am into robotizing old peoples' haunches looked pretty tame, but this new one, on which geriatrics are supposed to mount like some sort of meat trophy, feels like a glimpse into a horrible, dystopian future where up is down, right is wrong and grandmas and grandpas amble through Sears on mechanized…

DIY R2-D2 Is Even Better than the Real Thing

Chris James' R2-D2 won four Make Magazine editors' choice ribbons at Maker Faire and it's easy to see why: not only does it have every detail from the original—except having a little person inside—but this one is even more charming, capable of singing the Star Wars theme, and Indiana Jones sound bites. It only needs… » 5/07/08 9:20am 5/07/08 9:20am

R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Taken Ill, Giz Says Get Well Soon

Kenny Baker, the man behind everyone's favourite 'droid, is in a Manchester hospital after suffering a severe asthma attack. The 73-year-old actor was on a Manchester-bound plane returning from a sci-fi convention in the US when he was taken ill. A speedy recovery from everyone at Gizmodo, Kenny. [Telegraph] » 4/10/08 8:17am 4/10/08 8:17am

Life-Size Star Wars Droids Can Speak, Drain Wallets

Sideshow Collectibles stopped just short of encasing Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker in fiberglass when they created these life-size C-3PO and R2-D2 collectibles. Due out later this year, the authentic figures are powered by lowly AA batteries and have working lights. They also make sounds from the movies and utter… » 3/29/08 4:00pm 3/29/08 4:00pm

Robots Master Mid-Air Refueling on Their Way to World Domination

Droids just made their next step toward completely replacing human beings, beating out human pilots in air-to-air refueling. Last year's bot-pilots were a bit clumsy, fumbling their way through the delicate maneuver that requires a pilot to perform an operation air jockeys liken to "taking a running fuck at a rolling… » 8/15/07 9:45am 8/15/07 9:45am