This R2-D2 Figure Is So Articulated It Could Probably Teach Yoga

He can roll around, hobble along on two feet, and apparently even fly at one point in his astromech career, but as far as robots go, R2-D2 never seemed that articulated. At least until the folks at Kaiyodo inducted the droid into their Revoltech line, which is known for having some of the most posable action figures… »12/30/14 3:17pm12/30/14 3:17pm

The cute rolling ball droid in the new Star Wars is a real robot not CGI

Perhaps the best part about the new Star Wars trailer was seeing BB-8, the adorable rolling ball robot in the new Star Wars movie, bounce and roll itself across the screen. It looked so familiar and so cute and so perfect as the new movie's answer to R2-D2. And the best thing about it? BB-8 is a real robot and not CGI. »12/15/14 8:22pm12/15/14 8:22pm

Honda's Groin-Threatening Robo-Legs Demonstrated On Video

Why Honda took a few days to seed a video of their potentially emasculating robotic legs »11/10/08 6:18am11/10/08 6:18am is beyond me, but here it is: a faceless man running the "Walking Assist Device" through its strides (ha, ha). My fears of testicular danger are only partially mitigated, and the fact that the legs have a hilariously feminine gait…

Honda Robo-Legs Help Mobility at the Expense of Fertility

Honda's first foray »11/07/08 7:11am11/07/08 7:11am into robotizing old peoples' haunches looked pretty tame, but this new one, on which geriatrics are supposed to mount like some sort of meat trophy, feels like a glimpse into a horrible, dystopian future where up is down, right is wrong and grandmas and grandpas amble through Sears on mechanized…

Robots Master Mid-Air Refueling on Their Way to World Domination

Droids just made their next step toward completely replacing human beings, beating out human pilots in air-to-air refueling. Last year's bot-pilots were a bit clumsy, fumbling their way through the delicate maneuver that requires a pilot to perform an operation air jockeys liken to "taking a running fuck at a rolling… »8/15/07 9:45am8/15/07 9:45am