Watch a Nexus 7 Die a Painful Death In This Brutal Overkill Drop Test

The worst drop any of your gadgets are likely to suffer is a couple of feet. Maybe a little more if you're dangling one over the edge of a balcony or drop it down the stairs or something. But gadgets, no matter how robust, aren't build to handle more than that. That's why this 65-foot drop test is insane and frankly… »11/18/12 4:00pm11/18/12 4:00pm

First iPhone 5 Drop Tests: Very Sturdy! (But Still Shatters)

You might be longing to fondle your new iPhone 5 lovingly, but there are people out there who just want to break them—as a public service, of course. The first iPhone 5 drop tests are starting to come in, and as painful as they may be to watch, the new iPhone holds up remarkably well against punishment, notably… »9/21/12 11:15am9/21/12 11:15am

$5000 Nikon D3 Dropped 15 Feet Onto Concrete, On Camera

One owner of a shiny Nikon D3, $5000 of flagship DSLR goodness, decided that it was a ripe target for some destructive testing. So, he dropped it 15 feet onto a bricked walkway. Yes, that's not too far off a two-story drop. Onto something damn hard. We found this idea so traumatic, gentle Giz readers, that we've held… »3/12/08 11:23am3/12/08 11:23am