Cellphone Call Quality Warning System: Useful or Redundant?

We were talking today in Campfire—Giz's virtual office—about Apple's newly uncovered patent on a system that warns you about bad quality or dropping cellular or Wi-Fi connections "ahead of time." Jason thought it could be useful to know that, so you could just avoid making the call. I thought that it wouldn't be… »5/29/08 3:57pm5/29/08 3:57pm

ARC Freedom Wireless Antenna Says It Will Boost Cellphone Reception

Experiencing dropped calls while walking around town is annoying enough, but having calls cut out while I'm walking around my 2-by-3 foot Manhattan apartment is a whole 'nother matter entirely. If this ARC Freedom Wireless Cell Phone Antenna actually works as advertised, I won't have to worry about it again. It… »1/04/07 10:35am1/04/07 10:35am