Premium Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Surfaces: "Badass" Is The Word You're Looking For

I play Rock Band like a champ, and when I'm with my crew I'm usually on drums. I'm a drummer, and I love playing them, and the included drum controller always seemed just fine to me. Kotaku found this photo of the premium Rock Band 2 kit and I've decided I must have it. UPDATE: OK, so this kit doesn't ship with Rock… »7/11/08 8:20pm7/11/08 8:20pm

Rock Band Drum Kit Gets Wheelchair Accessible (With How To)

The folks at Kinetic Communications took the Rock Band Drum Kit, which totally isn't wheelchair accessible thanks to its bass kick pedal, and put $20 worth of their own accessibility mod into it to make sure it is. All it took was a doorbell, a Y cable, a pair of pliers and some sweat and they made a Rock Band kick… »6/02/08 12:20pm6/02/08 12:20pm