Breathalyzer Microphone Knows You're Wasted, and Not Just Because You're Singing Abba

While this might look like your standard, old-school tape recorder and microphone, it's actually a breathalyzer. As I see it, it can be used in two ways. The first, is to trick drunks into getting a breathalyzer by telling them you want to hear them sing. The problem with this method is that if someone is willing to… »8/08/08 1:45pm8/08/08 1:45pm

Researchers Create Computer Models of Staggering Drunks to Aid City Planning

A team of Welsh scientists have spent long nights camped out in a busy nightlife neighborhood of Cardiff from 11pm to 3am with one goal-studying the way Welshmen stagger when they're shitfaced in order to build an accurate computer model of the phenomenon. They aim to use their data to help city planners design… »7/24/08 11:45am7/24/08 11:45am

Toyota and Nissan Make Drinking and Driving a Little Harder (It's Already Pretty Hard)

Both Toyota and Nissan are trying to come up with a technology in their cars to make drinking and driving impossible. Nissan is thinking of requiring a really long PIN for drivers to enter before their car starts, and Toyota is thinking of placing breathalyzers somewhere in the cabin. Both are interesting, but may not… »9/15/06 9:31pm9/15/06 9:31pm