If You Have DSL, You're Probably Not Getting What You Pay For

The FCC's fourth annual report on broadband speeds is in, and it's mostly good news. Unless you're DSL customer. If so, your internet speeds are most likely slower than advertised. And soon, several companies will get a letter from the FCC demanding an explanation. » 6/19/14 11:53am 6/19/14 11:53am

The Promising (But Problematic) Future of Ultra-Fast Internet

While you weren't looking, the internet got super fast. I'm not talking Google Fiber fast. I'm talking Star Trek fast. Today, it's not just possible to download a movie in seconds. New technology makes it easy to download dozens of movies in fractions of a second. Fast is almost too slow a word to describe such speed. » 2/28/14 10:00am 2/28/14 10:00am

The Next Generation of DSL Can Pump 1Gbps Through Copper Phone Lines

The last mile issue has plagued ISPs since the advent of the Internet. While projects like Google Fiber can deliver massive bandwidth to your door, they require the installation of an entirely new network infrastructure. Not so with the new G.fast standard. It delivers fiber optic speeds over existing telephone lines. » 12/18/13 11:40am 12/18/13 11:40am

Verizon Won't Rebuild Its Landline Network in Some Sandy-Affected Areas

As the damage from Hurricane Sandy is disappearing and some things are returning back to normal for those in the hardest hit areas, six months after that hurricane devastated parts of the East Coast, Verizon is telling some customers that they will not be getting their landline phone service back—ever. At least not… » 5/06/13 6:11pm 5/06/13 6:11pm

How To Ditch Your Cable Internet Provider Forever

You've had it up to here with being treated more like a revenue stream than a customer by your cable internet provider and are ready to jump ship. Fantastic, but if not to a competing telco, then to where? Here are four broadband alternatives that don't require a visit from the cable guy. » 1/19/13 12:00pm 1/19/13 12:00pm

Verizon Will Force DSL Subscribers to Buy Home Phone Service. Awesome.

DSL is often the most cost-effective way to get a broadband connection at home. Not for long! It's about to get a lot more expensive for Verizon customers. Starting May 6, you won't be able to get DSL service without Verizon local phone service as well. » 4/04/12 5:37pm 4/04/12 5:37pm

Why More People Watch Mobile Video at Home Than on The Bus

Smartphones and tablets are supposed to be mobile devices, but the freedom to watch movies on the go is apparently lost on many people. » 8/01/11 8:19pm 8/01/11 8:19pm

AT&T to Impose Data Caps on DSL, U-Verse Customers Starting May 2

Citing an official confirmation from AT&T rep Seth Bloom, DSLReports is, well, reporting that AT&T will pull the trigger on data caps on heavy users of its U-Verse and DSL offerings, starting May 2. » 3/13/11 6:35pm 3/13/11 6:35pm

Verizon Customer Service Rep: That DSL Upgrade Will Burn Your House Down

Michael just wanted to upgrade his DSL to a faster plan. Yet Verizon jerked him around, each successive rep saying something different, until he was told the upgrade would burn his house down. What? » 12/11/09 11:20pm 12/11/09 11:20pm

Bird Beats Broadband! Pigeon Flies 4GBs Faster than South African DSL

South Africa's broadband has got to be feeling pretty ill-equipped today considering a real, wing-flapping pigeon beat its transfer speeds. No really, a company found out that sending a bird with a 4GB USB drive was faster than uploading. » 9/10/09 9:33am 9/10/09 9:33am

Verizon Partnering With Boingo to Give Free Wi-Fi to FiOS and DSL…

According to the ever-popular "sources familiar with the matter," Verizon is planning to partner up with Wi-Fi hotspot provider Boingo. Now, how's about you make with the WiFi-enabled phones, Verizon? » 5/02/09 5:00pm 5/02/09 5:00pm

Verizon Offers Discount Bundle to Those Who Don't Want a Landline

There are few reasons to maintain a landline phone these days, which is why Verizon will offer an $8 to $12 discount per month to landline-free wireless customers who sign on for internet or TV service with their new Flex Double Play bundle. Wireless customers that tack on DSL service with downloads at 3 Mbps and FiOS… » 6/13/08 4:20pm 6/13/08 4:20pm

Are You Getting Screwed? Quick-Glance ISP Pricing Chart

Electronic House has done some serious homework, compiling price, bandwidth and plan information from most US ISPs, from sluggy dial-up to hyperspeedy fiber. (I couldn't spot Cablevision, but there were others I hadn't even heard of.) Due to cable build-out and the territorial nature of phone companies, you can't do… » 5/30/08 9:15am 5/30/08 9:15am

Dems Launch Net Neutrality Bill, GOP Says "Hands Off the Poor ISPs!"

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, two Democratic representatives introduced a House bill that would require broadband ISPs to "interconnect with the facilities of other network providers on a reasonable and nondiscriminatory basis." It also requires them to treat all content, applications and services as the same, with… » 5/09/08 1:00pm 5/09/08 1:00pm

5 Things to Know: T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home Landline VOIP Service

A few weeks back, T-Mobile rolled out a new broadband-based landline-replacement service in Dallas and Seattle test markets, allowing customers to port their landlines to their T-Mobile account then pay $10 per month for unlimited calling via a special router. Here's a glimpse of the router, a modified Linksys, with… » 3/11/08 2:20pm 3/11/08 2:20pm

Question of the Day: Cable or DSL

A lot of you read us at work, which is fantastic, but we want to know what kind of pipe you use to read us at home. Are you on some kind of package deal with your cable provider, or are you sucking down bits through your telephone jack. We're assuming that none of our readers have dial-up access here, because that's… » 1/24/08 5:00pm 1/24/08 5:00pm

Some Broadband Speeds Slower than Advertised - How Is Yours?

In a fresh UK poll taken by 3,000 readers of Computeractive magazine, 62% reported that their broadband performed at less than half of their provider's advertised speed. Do you find this to be the case, or are you perfectly happy—or even pleasantly surprised—by your broadband performance? [BBC News]
» 9/21/07 9:30am 9/21/07 9:30am

FYI: Kazakhstani Internet Starting At The Low, Low Price Of…

Yes, you read that right. In Borat's beloved homeland of Kazakhstan, the national internet service provider is charging $3,350 per month for DSL service. If you're ever in Kazakhstan and that seems a little pricey, dial-up is availible for $111 per month. If you need more speed, you can go all out and pay $22,032 for… » 7/27/07 3:59pm 7/27/07 3:59pm

$10-Per-Month DSL From AT&T

It seems Uncle Sam is looking out for those of you in AT&T's 22-state landline service area. If you have never been a customer of AT&T or BellSouth broadband, you are entitled to an unadvertised $10-per-month DSL service. » 6/18/07 6:40pm 6/18/07 6:40pm

$2.60/Day MacBook With High Speed Access

Telecom company Orange is teaming up with Apple for a unique offer. For 2 euros a day, or about $2.60 in overworked American dollars, French consumers can get a MacBook with 1 Mbps DSL. » 12/16/06 2:35pm 12/16/06 2:35pm