Nikkei: New Nintendo DS With Camera and Music Playback Coming This Year

Japan's Nikkei newspaper—their Wall Street Journal, so by no means a shady source—is reporting that Nintendo will launch a new version of the DS later this year with a built-in camera and music playback, as well as more powerful wireless. The camera will be used for new types of games—who knows what Nintendo would… »9/28/08 1:00am9/28/08 1:00am

Homebrew DS-DSLR Uses Nintendo DS as a Canon EOS Remote

Really nice piece of DS homebrew here: when photographer Steve »9/17/08 11:30am9/17/08 11:30am was searching for a less bulky alternative to tethering his Canon 5D to his laptop for remote functions during shoots, he didn't have to look further than his DS Lite, which he was always packing anyway. With a custom cable that connects through the GBA…

Pokemon DS Lite Hits US, Only Slightly Embarrassing to Own

The limited-edition Pokemon DS Lite was actually released in Japan back in 2006, but is just now showing up in a Gamestop ad in the US. The flashy, surprisingly mature paintjob features Dialga and Palkia, the two Pokemon—Poke mons »8/08/08 3:30pm8/08/08 3:30pm? Poke?—from the Diamond and Pearl covers. It looks to come with a nice bundle, including…

John Carmack Says iPhone As Powerful as Dreamcast, More Powerful Than DS and PSP Combined

We're all for making hyperbolic statements about how powerful the iPhone is as a gaming system, but John Carmack's taking things to the next level. As you remember, Sega has previously said that the iPhone is as powerful as their Dreamcast system, and EA has previously said that it's more powerful than the DS, but… »8/04/08 11:52am8/04/08 11:52am

Lightsaber DS Stylus Elicits No Objections From Phoenix Wright

These officially licensed Star Wars Nintendo DS Styluses are just what we need to draw insane circles around Pokemon, help Phoenix Wright solve cases and cut open random people in that really hard doctor game. They come in two flavors: a three-pack of standard plastic ones for $7.99 or a two-pack of glowing ones for… »7/02/08 2:10am7/02/08 2:10am

New DS Lite Colors Look Like Watermelon and Green Apple Jolly Ranchers

A pair of new DS Lite flavors—and they do look more like yummy cherry and lime candy flavors than mere colors—have been spotted on a couple of Spanish retail sites, one of which is GAME, apparently the second-largest specialty gaming retailer in the world, so there's some solid reason to believe these babies are real,… »5/19/08 11:59pm5/19/08 11:59pm

Limited-Edition Honeybee DS Lite is Monochrome, Smooth, Sophisticated, Japan-only

The creative result of a collaboration between Designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Japanese fashion magazine Honeybee, this Nintendo DS Lite sports a matte black exterior with co-ordinating jazzy white interior and hinges. Ok, so "creative" means they just painted it black and white, but it is classy isn't it? Wait 'til you… »2/21/08 8:00am2/21/08 8:00am