If I Had a Landline, I Would Use This Android Phone

Once upon a time, there were these cables that got into your home and into these things that went ring-ring, with numbers and redial buttons and call waiting. The DSP Multimedia Handset is the same, with Android and a touchscreen. » 3/04/10 10:40am 3/04/10 10:40am

Marvell Power Supply Chip Shrinks Power Bricks, Energy Use

Marvell's launching a new chip for more efficient power supplies that cuts down energy use by automatically adjusting the amount of juice drawn by a computer depending on what it actually needs, slashing waste—it can chop peak energy use by up to 50 percent, according to Marvell. » 11/05/07 8:59am 11/05/07 8:59am

Digital Power Station: DSP Turns Crappy Speakers Into Honkin' Muthas

Jon Bon Jovi's cousin, audio engineer Tony Bongiovi has figured out a novel way to make cheap-ass speakers sound a whole lot better. His device, an unusually sophisticated equalizer he calls the Digital Power Station, originally filled a refrigerator-sized unit with its analog components. » 12/06/06 10:36am 12/06/06 10:36am