Apple Bootcamp 1.2 Adds Vista Support, Other Things That Would Make This Headline Too Long If We Listed Them Here (Oops.)

In what may very well be the last update to Boot Camp before Leopard is released, this version 1.2 of OS X's dual booting software gives Vista support to eager plaid jacket fans. For people who haven't updated to Vista yet (XP users), there's also: » 3/28/07 11:29pm 3/28/07 11:29pm

EV-K170 Slider Phone Is Two Phones In One

Made for people who carry around two phones—one for work and one for your wife to nag you at work—this KTFT EV-K170 slider allows you to dial and receive calls with two numbers simultaneously. There are two modes, an "H" mode and a "B" mode (Home and Business, anyone?) that can be swapped back and forth depending on… » 11/07/06 4:30pm 11/07/06 4:30pm