That Dual-Screened Kno Tablet Aimed at Students Will Cost $899

I guess as it's got two 14.1-inch touchscreens Kno feels it can get away with charging $899 for its tablet, but $599 for the 14-inch tablet with just one screen? Why, that's more expensive than the iPad! » 11/09/10 3:40am 11/09/10 3:40am

15-inch Dual Screen Acer Laptop Spotted

An Acer laptop, with dual 15-inch screens has been spotted. That is, one 15-inch screen would act as a display and the other 15-inch screen would replace the keyboard and trackpad. That would make for one gigantic dual-screen laptop. » 9/12/10 5:00pm 9/12/10 5:00pm

Philips DUAL: A QWERTY TV Remote That Begs To Be Touched

The internet's coming to TV's, haven't you heard, and searching for YouTubes with your standard TV remote just isn't gonna cut it. Philips Home Control's DUAL, however, will let you surf channels and search the web with one elegant device. » 9/07/10 1:40pm 9/07/10 1:40pm

Microsoft and Intel Promise Longer Laptop Battery Life in Windows 7

At an event in San Francisco yesterday, Wintel claimed that upcoming processors, and Windows 7's improved power management will provide longer battery life, and better performance in certain programs. » 9/02/09 1:30am 9/02/09 1:30am

iPod Alarm Clock Bed Shaker Won't Work for Me

This is the iLuv iMM153 Desktop Dual Alarm Clock for iPod, which has a bed shaker that is supposed to wake you up better than any alarm. Obviously, these guys haven't tried this thing with me yet. » 6/22/09 8:30pm 6/22/09 8:30pm

Lightning Review: Datel Wildfire, PS3 Dual Shock Alternative

The Gadget: Datel Wildfire, the first third-party PlayStation 3 controller to support a combination of Bluetooth, rumble and tilt sensitivity. » 4/15/09 3:40pm 4/15/09 3:40pm

A Brief Nintendo DSi Video Tour

Even though we explained what's new, many of you are confused how the DSi is different than the DS. Since we now assume that most of you can't read, here's a video explanation. [Kotaku] » 2/20/09 8:14am 2/20/09 8:14am

Best Buy Selling Unlocked HTC Touch Dual This Weekend

As promised, the HTC Touch Dual is making its US debut at Best Buy this weekend, at B&M stores and online. Unlocked, it's $549. Not cheap, but hey, freedom isn't free. [Phonescoop] » 5/23/08 7:00pm 5/23/08 7:00pm

HTC Touch Dual Slider Video Walkthrough

If you're at all interested in HTC's Touch Dual, also known as the sliding version of the HTC Touch, you should take a look at eXpansys's video walkthrough of its features. The top TouchFlo interface is the same as the HTC Touch, which you've seen before, but the slide-out keypad is gives a really satisfying *click*.… » 10/02/07 5:40pm 10/02/07 5:40pm

Apple Bootcamp 1.2 Adds Vista Support, Other Things That Would Make…

In what may very well be the last update to Boot Camp before Leopard is released, this version 1.2 of OS X's dual booting software gives Vista support to eager plaid jacket fans. For people who haven't updated to Vista yet (XP users), there's also: » 3/28/07 11:29pm 3/28/07 11:29pm

EV-K170 Slider Phone Is Two Phones In One

Made for people who carry around two phones—one for work and one for your wife to nag you at work—this KTFT EV-K170 slider allows you to dial and receive calls with two numbers simultaneously. There are two modes, an "H" mode and a "B" mode (Home and Business, anyone?) that can be swapped back and forth depending on… » 11/07/06 4:30pm 11/07/06 4:30pm

Delux DLA-660 Dual Core Portable Media Player

Another dual core player from China appears with a miniscule amount of memory for something that supports video. Despite only having 1GB of flash memory, this player can play handle MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV, MTV (using AMV video codec and MP3 audio codec), JPG, GIF and BMP. It's got a 1.8-inch, 160x128 pixel,… » 6/09/06 7:30am 6/09/06 7:30am

Dual Bit Drill

We're suspecting this is as old as my grandma, but it's still cool. It's a dual-bit drill: you just flip the next bit into place when you're done with the first one. Perfect for countersinking then screwing in stuff, I suppose. Any other potential uses for this high-tech hyrda-like drill? » 2/14/06 1:08pm 2/14/06 1:08pm

Motorola E1000 - All You Ever Hoped For

Motorola has been on a candybar phone spree lately it seems. The E1000 is Motorola's latest phone with everyone in mind. The E1000 is a dual mode phone that supports WCDMA and tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900MHz). No luck on EDGE if that's what you were hoping for, but it's got a 262k color screen for viewing porn puppies,… » 10/26/05 11:44am 10/26/05 11:44am

ErgoClick Dual Mouse

In most cases I like to leave the double (mouse) fisting to the professionals, but ErgoClick is releasing a dual-mouse for the everyday user. The right mouse is used for movement and the left mouse is used for clicking. It is designed to be palm usage only to prevent repetitive stress injuries (RPI). Personally I'm a… » 8/31/05 10:41am 8/31/05 10:41am