LG Sticking With HD DVD: Dual Format Players to Ease the Pain

Seeing ponies where Toshiba sees death, LG isn't letting go of HD DVD just yet. They're going to keep popping out dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray players (launching new ones even), scraping up the remaining dregs of HD DVD and easing HD DVD adopters' transition into this brave new Blu world. It might seem like they missed… »2/19/08 2:08pm2/19/08 2:08pm

Prediction: HD DVD Not Dead, Toshiba Will Produce Dual Format HD Players

We snagged a second with Wolfgang Schlichting, IDC's research director for removable storage, to ask what the picture looks like for HD DVD. His thoughts? HD DVD isn't dead yet. Toshiba will probably produce dual format players (Blu-ray and HD DVD) and differentiate with HD DVD-only on the low-end. The key is for them… »1/06/08 9:54pm1/06/08 9:54pm

LG Dual-Format Player Coming, Just Without an HD DVD Logo

While it looked for a minute there like the DVD Forum people (the dudes behind HD DVD standards) were about to piss all over LG's dual-format campfire, all they ended up being able to do was keep the HD DVD logo off the new player. Their beef was with the player's lack of support for HDi, meaning you can watch an HD… »1/17/07 10:36am1/17/07 10:36am

NEC, Trying to Call a Cease-Fire in Absurd HD Disc Format War, Creates Bi Chips

NEC announced plans to ship a pair of chips that will make it easy to read Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs on the same player. The processors will reportedly cost the same as single format chips do today, and NEC vows to ship 300,000 of these bi-lingual parts by next April. To whom it will ship these chips, the company… »10/10/06 1:49pm10/10/06 1:49pm