Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Connect To Whichever LTE Format You're In

For world travelers with a need for LTE speed, Samsung's newest version of the Galaxy S4 might be the answer to your jet-setting prayers. When they arrive, the updated Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini will be the world's first handsets to automatically switch between the two different types of LTE networks used worldwide. While » 7/31/13 1:01pm 7/31/13 1:01pm

Microsoft Patent Shows A Dual-Mode Xbox 360 Controller

A Microsoft patent shows off a new dual-mode Xbox 360 controller that can be used both wired and wirelessly. Unlike the current play and charge kit, this controller would give you the accuracy of a true wired mode when plugged in. » 7/19/10 1:45pm 7/19/10 1:45pm

Bluetooth 4.0 Reaches Farther and Uses Less Power

Bluetooth 4.0 just got finalized and will start rolling out to devices by the end of the year. Along with extending range from 30 feet to 200 feet, 4.0 introduces a new low power mode that will be seen in either single or dual-mode iterations. » 4/22/10 12:40am 4/22/10 12:40am

Pixel Qi Dual-Mode LCD Ships Next Month; $100, 10-Watt HDTV Up Next

One is a rough manufacturing start date for a display component, and the other is an announcement so vague it barely means anything. But lest you forget: Pixel Qi's multi-mode, e-ink-shaming LCD technology is amazing. » 11/25/09 9:46am 11/25/09 9:46am

TechFaith Launches "World's First WCDMA/GSM Dual Mode Phone"

China's TechFaith Wireless Communication Company has developed what they are calling the "World's first WCDMA/GSM dual mode phone." The "Twins" phone, as it has been dubbed, allows users the option of loading one WCDMA card and one GSM or loading dual GSM SIM cards. That means it would no longer be necessary to switch… » 11/01/07 9:00pm 11/01/07 9:00pm

Dreams Do Come True! LG's Makes World's First Blu-ray/HD DVD…

The day we've dreamed of has finally come. No, our parents aren't getting un-divorced, nor is Timmy coming back from that "dog farm" he got sent to—LG's just announced the world's first dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD player to be unveiled at CES. Launch? Some time in early 2007. » 1/03/07 9:53pm 1/03/07 9:53pm

RTX Dualphone: First PC-less Cordless Skype Phone

We've reviewed Skype phones before that can make calls on both the Skype network and the regular landline, but the RTX Dualphone is the first one that can do both without the need of a PC. » 11/22/06 8:00pm 11/22/06 8:00pm

D-Link V-Click Dual-Mode WiFi-GSM Cell-Phone Dash-Dash

The V-Click phone from D-Link is their first dual-mode soiree, which means it works both on your GSM cellphone network and on WiFi. It's going to be available in Q1 2007, and will have tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) and 802.11 WiFi. » 10/03/06 9:15pm 10/03/06 9:15pm

Linksys CIT300 Dual-Mode Skype/Landline Phone Hands-On

The Linksys CIT300 Dual-Mode phone works on both Skype and standard analog lines, allowing one cordless handset to make and receive calls on both. The base station has an RJ-11 (normal telephone port) and a USB port to connect to your computer. Yes, it relies on your Windows PC to handle the Skype codec with the Skype… » 8/14/06 1:43pm 8/14/06 1:43pm

Motorola ic502 Gets FCC Approval

The Motorola ic502, which is poised to become the first iDEN/CDMA dual mode cellphone, just received approval from the FCC, paving the way for its introduction on Sprint. Also known as the RACER, the ic502 supports the different mobile technologies to varying degress; iDEN support is limited to dispatch only, making… » 7/01/06 3:03pm 7/01/06 3:03pm