Toshiba Libretto Hands-On Details Dual-Screen UI, Virtual Keyboard…

Toshiba's dual-touchscreen Libretto is still waiting for its limited release, but the folks at Wow-Pow were apparently able to secure a localized English version early from Japan. It's still an expensive curiosity, but the virtual keyboard layouts are admittedly clever: » 8/15/10 12:20pm 8/15/10 12:20pm

HP Firefly Has Two Screens, Multitouch, Big Huge Butt

HP is finally joining this weird, new multiple display party with the Voodoo DNA-ed Firefly, which carries a secondary screen, an oddly-placed multitouch trackpad and guts comparable to its powerful desktop counterpart. » 1/02/09 6:18am 1/02/09 6:18am

Estari's Dual-Screen Laptop Nearing Launch

It's not the same dual-screen laptop we showed you before, but for $4,350 you can now pre-order the closest thing to it—Estari's 2-VU notebook. The 2-VU comes with two 15-inch XGA touch-screens that you can use for extreme spreadsheeting, Web-browsing, or anything else you throw its way. I think the system's price is… » 2/26/07 4:28pm 2/26/07 4:28pm

Canova's Dual-Screen Laptop Likes Being Touched

I'm not a big fan of touch-screens (or Tablets for that matter), but I gotta admit—Canova's dual-screen laptop concept is pretty cool. For reading online books or the newspaper—it's a definite shoe-in. Even for editing photos it looks like it'd give Wacom a run for their money since you'd be able to use the bottom… » 2/01/07 12:35pm 2/01/07 12:35pm