Wii Classic Controller Pro Arrives to America

Today, the formerly Japan-exclusive Wii Classic Controller Pro ($20) arrives to American stores. It's basically a recreation of Sony's Dual Shock (which is basically a beefed up SNES pad), with double rows of shoulder buttons and dual analog sticks. [Nintendo] » 4/20/10 9:38am 4/20/10 9:38am

The DualShock3 Is Now Available in Silver, Oooohhhh

Sure, your black DualShock3 is clad in a timeless color. But this silver DualShock3 can match that pile of obsolete cellphones you have in the bottom of your closet. And it's available now at Gamestop for $55. [Gamestop via Kotaku] » 6/26/09 8:40am 6/26/09 8:40am

Use Sony's DualShock on the Nintendo Wii, Then Giggle Like a Super…

Why buy Nintendo's fancy Wii Classic Controller or humiliatingly turn the Wiimote sideways when your old PS/PS2 controllers are perfectly fine? Import this DualShock to Wii adapter for just under $20 and no one will even notice. [Gametech via Kotaku] » 6/25/09 8:56am 6/25/09 8:56am

The Datel Wildfire Hopes to One-Up the Dual Shock

In case you've been disappointed by the SIXAXIS or Dual Shock 3, Datel has just released the Wildfire. Yeah, it's a generic controller, but it's wielding all the standard PS3 functions and then some. » 3/26/09 11:40am 3/26/09 11:40am

XCM Cross Fire Adapter Brings Dual Shock, Identity Crises to Xbox 360

On the opposite end of the fanboy self-loathing scale created by the PS3 XCM Cross Battle adapter is the Cross Fire. It brings Dual Shock controllers to the Xbox 360 (with turbo!). » 3/15/09 10:00am 3/15/09 10:00am

Wii Classic Controller Pro Is Basically a Nintendo DualShock

We've all heard of Nintendo's SNES-like Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii. Now the company has announced a similar, enhanced pad that should be out (somewhere) in time for summer. » 2/26/09 8:17am 2/26/09 8:17am

Cross Battle Adapter Brings Xbox 360 Controller to PS3, With Rumble

It's the Holy Grail of self-loathing DualShock gamers. Ditch Sony's controller for Microsoft's with the XCM's latest, fully functional Cross Battle Adapter. » 2/19/09 12:20pm 2/19/09 12:20pm

Use Your PlayStation 3 DualShock/SixAxis Controllers On Your PC

Unlike Microsoft, Sony never bothered to make PC drivers for their PlayStation 3 controllers; but some Japanese programmer has bridged that fjord for you. » 1/13/09 4:40pm 1/13/09 4:40pm

If Only Sony Made Such a Clever PS3 Remote

There's nothing wrong with Sony's Blu-ray remote for the PS3, but there's nothing especially right about it either. And as unwieldy as it may be, this generic 3-in-1 solution looks much better. » 12/30/08 2:15pm 12/30/08 2:15pm

PSP 3000 Might Feature DualShock 3 Support

A Best Buy tipster informed MaxConsole that the upcoming PSP 3000 » 8/28/08 4:50pm 8/28/08 4:50pm will feature support for the PS3s DualShock 3 controller. The tipster also noted that it will use 480i composite cables to play games on the TV instead of component 480p. Obviously, this is just a rumor—but it is definitely one I want to believe. []

An Xbox 360 Controller Crammed into a PS3 Dual Shock Controller's Body

A clever modder on the Ben Heck forums managed to cram an Xbox 360 controller into the shell of a PS3 Dual Shock controller. What resulted is an unholy union of the two consoles, bringing a controller for people with smaller hands to Microsoft's great grey beast. There's no headphone jack, although it may be added in… » 7/31/08 5:40pm 7/31/08 5:40pm

How Sony's Cheapness Is Biting The PS3 In The Ass

Sony's mantra of not writing checks for exclusives-or much of anything-seems to be biting them in the ass a couple times this week. There are at least four cases where the PlayStation 3 has suffered because of Sony's lack of willingness to open up the purse strings. We knew two of these before-backward compatibility… » 7/17/08 3:40pm 7/17/08 3:40pm

Dealzmodo: DualShock 3 For $41

The incredibly expensive DualShock 3 for the PS3 costs $54 normally, but you can get it now for 25% off over at GoGamer. This brings it down to the to wireless Xbox 360 controller's $39 and is a lot easier to stomach. The most egregious pricing has to be from Nintendo, where the Wiimote and Nunchuck alone add up to… » 7/01/08 1:00pm 7/01/08 1:00pm

PSP Plays Better With DualShock

The PSP controls are not horrible—though that analog nub leaves something to be desired—but the DualShock is a far more comfortable controller. Now the fine citizens at AcidMods have hacked the PSP hardware to work with the DualShock. Requiring no changes to the firmware, all functions but the brightness and volume… » 5/30/08 2:30pm 5/30/08 2:30pm

Lightning Review: PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Rumble Controller

Click to viewThe Gadget: The DualShock 3, PlayStation 3's now de facto controller with both rumble and motion-sensing. It replaces the previous SIXAXIS controller without rumble, which is now discontinued. » 4/02/08 10:32pm 4/02/08 10:32pm

PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 Controller Coming Next Week, SIXAXIS…

The DualShock 3 rumbling PS3 controller might have had an April 15 release date on it, but Sony says that units will be shipping out this week to hit stores by next week. If you see it in stores, buy it. Here's a list of games that will support rumble, with an asterisk after the ones that need an update to do so. … » 4/02/08 12:45pm 4/02/08 12:45pm

Lynxmotion R/C Spider Uses PS2 Controller

For those who love everything R/C, this Lynxmotion hexapod kit is pretty dorktastically awesome. While technically 2 legs short of spider status, this hexapod has excellent mobility, as 18 servos drive the legs (featuring 3 degrees of freedom) a foot per second and over obstacles up to 4" high. Oh, and it's… » 3/05/08 9:46am 3/05/08 9:46am

PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Gets US Date: April 15

April 15 won't just be tax day, it'll be the day you can pick up the DualShock 3 (rumbling PS3 controller) in the US. The controller's already been available in Japan for months now, which means that if you're really keen on getting vibration before your buddies, you could import it from Asia and hook it up now. If… » 2/26/08 1:14pm 2/26/08 1:14pm