World's First Dual-SIM WIndows Mobile Phone Keeps Girlfriends and Wives Separate

Dual-SIM phones that let you have your phone be simultaneously on two GSM networks are nothing new, but until now they've been on regular phones. This makes no sense. Who needs two phones? Businessmen. And businessmen need phones that scream "I AM A BUSINESSMAN!" Few do that better than Windows Mobile, and these W1000… »4/11/08 8:00pm4/11/08 8:00pm

Motorola MING A1800 Comes Out With Both SIM Card Slots Blazin'

A hands on with the new Linux-based MING A1800 from Motorola by the guys at Boy Genius Report has revealed some interesting information. For example, the phone features CDMA, quad-band GSM and dual SIM card slots along with Bluetooth and a 3 megapixel camera. They also claim that the phone felt "sturdy as a rock"… »3/27/08 8:30pm3/27/08 8:30pm