DIY Duck Hunt Lamp Still Has That Blasted Laughing Dog

When I look at the classic Nintendo Zapper I think of my younger days as a screaming, hot-headed 8-bit gamer, but not Fluffypants. No siree. The enterprising DIY lamp artist looked at the orange and gray plastic and saw a lamp. A few hours and one fabricated cardboard NES cartridge stand later, that laughing dog was… » 5/11/08 4:00pm 5/11/08 4:00pm

E3 2006: Wii Peripherals And Hands-On Gameplay Impressions

One of the first things Team Giztaku spotted at Nintendo's booth at E3 this morning was the Wii Zapper, under glass in the peripherals case—no Duck Hunt announcement sadly, and there weren't any games on the floor using it, but we were still pretty excited to see it regardless. The first two games we got to play were… » 5/10/06 6:04pm 5/10/06 6:04pm