Forget the Panic Button: Fireworks Will Help Lead You To Your Car

If you are one of those people who constantly forget where you've parked your car, the Fireworks Locator System concept—a button on your key—could help grab your attention by triggering a holographic explosion of fireworks above your vehicle. However, the effectiveness of this gadget is questionable as there would be… »11/03/08 10:15pm11/03/08 10:15pm


G-Park iPhone App Lets the Forgetful Bookmark Their Car

Park your car and tap "Park Me" to take a GPS reading; on the way back, hit "Where Did I Park" for turn-by-turn directions back to the whip. It'll work for first-gen and iPod touch users (although not as well, I would imagine) via Wi-Fi and cell-tower positioning but 3G users will get turn-by-turn directions via GPS.… »7/07/08 5:20pm7/07/08 5:20pm