CNet Gives Logitech Squeezebox Duet the Ol' Editor's Choice Stamp

Logitech has been dying to get into wireless whole-house audio like Sonos and not a whole lot of others. Now that CNet has favorably reviewed the $400 Squeezebox Duet we told you about at CES, it may well have a shot. In living video, our buddy John Falcone explains the Wi-Fi-powered system, and notes that, aside from… » 3/04/08 7:30pm 3/04/08 7:30pm

Epson Duet Projector Screen Does 4:3 and 16:9

Charlie's talk about the alternate but stunning 2.35:1 video format reminded me of this cool projector screen we haven't covered before. It's Epson's Duet, and instead of a vertical scrolling screen, it unfolds side to side, expanding from a 4:3 ratio'd 65-inch screen to a 16:9 screen that measures 80-inches from… » 3/20/07 11:06pm 3/20/07 11:06pm