Nobody Has Any Idea What the Cloud Is

A recent survey has unearthed an interesting/borderline depressing fact—one in three people think cloud computing has to do with literal clouds. That's right: many of us think we need an umbrella to access SkyDrive. » 8/30/12 1:04pm 8/30/12 1:04pm

Survey: 90% of 15-Year-Olds Have Cellphone, Are Much Cooler Than I Was…

The Age asks if today's youth is addicted to cellphones after learning 90% of kids aged 15 have them. That was a rhetorical question, right Age? In other news, tonight's forecast is darkness. [The Age] » 4/26/09 4:30pm 4/26/09 4:30pm

The World's Most Depressed People Watch the Most TV

We're presented with an interesting conundrum this fine afternoon. Exhibit A: » 11/16/08 3:00pm 11/16/08 3:00pm A new study says unhappy people watch more TV. People dealing with the switch from analog to digital TV are probably the most unhappy TV watchers on the planet right now, next to anyone who's been hoodwinked by the . There was even a this…

Amazon Officially Backs Blu-ray

Amazon is going to take the unusually forward-thinking step of promoting Blu-ray "more prominently" on its site over HD DVD. The good news for those of you who wanna expand your movie collection for dirt cheap is that they're going to keep selling HD DVD stuff for the time being. [CNN Money] » 2/20/08 6:00am 2/20/08 6:00am

Universal Turns Blu

Universal smartly wants its movies to be on the HD format that still exists, so it's switching to Blu-ray. If you would like to further delve into their rationale, here's their statement: » 2/19/08 4:29pm 2/19/08 4:29pm

We're grabbing more details about how they're planning the transition. Until then, here's . []

Fake UFO in Haiti Video Creator Uncovered

Remember the badass "UFO in Haiti" video that was all the rage last week? Big surprise, guys: It was a fake. The LA Times did some investigating and figured out just who was behind the convincing video. » 8/22/07 4:30pm 8/22/07 4:30pm

Universal's DRM-free tracks will have watermarks that will allow them to be tracked over P2P networks. Whether each copy of a track is uniquely marked or they all simply sport generic "Universal" tats is still a question. [Listening Post] » 8/11/07 2:09pm 8/11/07 2:09pm

WSJ Discovers Wi-Fi Flavors

Sometimes its so cute to watch the big guys discover the Interwebs. Take this story from the WSJ, for example. The news peg, as they call it in the biz-snazz, is that 802.11n is coming out sometimes soon. But in order to churn up a whole feature, they rock the old "something new is happening, but are YOU ready" ploy… » 6/13/06 8:48am 6/13/06 8:48am