This Yo-Yo World Champ's Skills Are Mesmerizing

When I was in second grade, Duncan, the well-known yo-yo maker, came to my school with a cadre of talented teenagers in tow. They shot the moon, walked the dog, and cats cradled their way into my heart. Although I'm sure Duncan was just there to hawk some merchandise (in which they totally succeeded), the art of… » 8/10/14 12:00pm 8/10/14 12:00pm

iYo Rocks the Baby Then Charges Your iPhone

Swedish designer Peter Thuvander » 9/21/08 3:30pm 9/21/08 3:30pm likes yo-yo's so much that he designed an iPhone charger concept around them. Called the iYo (what else?), the device charges its lithium ion battery cell with an OLPC crank that's turned using the spinning power of a yo-yo. "The remote control needs only 30 cranks—which is nothing…