The 16 Strangest Dragons In Dungeons & Dragons

As the role-playing game's name hints, dragons abound in the many worlds of D&D, but of course they can't all be red, evil, and hungry for heroes. There are dozens of species with different abilities, agendas, and alignments a wandering adventurer may encounter; these just happen to be the weirdest. » 2/27/15 11:58pm 2/27/15 11:58pm

This Might Be Tricky For the Average Dungeons & Dragons Player...

A more suitable question surely would've been "what was the name of your first character?" Either way, OUCH. Click to enlarge if you can't quite make the awkward question out. [Image via Reddit] » 10/27/10 5:40am 10/27/10 5:40am

The Ultimate Board Game Table Makes Playing D&D Serious Business

Back before you young whippersnappers had your video games, game geeks played board games. You know, with physical pieces and paper for keeping score? And Geek Chic makes incredible custom tables for people still into those old-school games. » 4/06/10 7:00pm 4/06/10 7:00pm

Dungeons & Dragons on the Microsoft Surface

For thousands of years, none of us quite understood the point of the Surface. Then, a few Carnegie Mellon students armed with but blades and wits developed this D&D game, and they lightning bolted the naysayers away. [Microsoft via Kotaku] » 10/20/09 8:25am 10/20/09 8:25am

Spherical Satellites Aboard the ISS are Gary Gygax Approved

It's too bad Gary Gygax » 11/06/08 5:40pm 11/06/08 5:40pm is no longer with us, because it would be interesting to get his opinion on SPHERES (for Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites). These prototype devices are currently floating around aboard the ISS as part of an experiment developed by MIT students. The goal is…

The Ancient Romans Were Gamers: 2nd Century Glass d20 Sold for $17,925

We can only guess what the ancient Romans might have thought about the latest revision of the Dungeons and Dragons rulebook (super approachable; they'd love it!), but we do know they were gamers. That's because an incredibly old, incredibly valuable Roman glass d20 was sold at auction by the famous Christie's auction… » 6/15/08 5:00pm 6/15/08 5:00pm

MIT Students Create Giant 20-Sided Die In Honor of Gary Gygax

I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons since I was a little kid, but I remember the time I spent geeking out with my friends fondly. So, when D&D co-creator Gary Gygax passed away earlier this month, I couldn't help but feel a little bummed. Apparently, a group of students at MIT felt the same way—which is why they… » 3/25/08 7:40pm 3/25/08 7:40pm