AD88 From Alfred Dunhill a Pointless Waste of Piano-Black Finish

Whenever I see some high-end retailer flogging non-core business objects, I wrinkle up my nose in disgust. Chanel, of the non-Cylon No. 5, has been the most visible company to do this with its bikes, skis, and now fishing gear, and this is British gentleman's outfitters, Dunhill's, take on it. The AD88. Not only does… »6/23/08 7:20am6/23/08 7:20am

Dunhill Alligator Skin iPod Speaker Is For The Animal Lover In Your Life

Now here's a set of iPod speakers with an interesting gimmick. Made by Dunhill (they make fancy suits, accessories and other things you likely cannot afford), the casing of these iPod speakers are made out of alligator skin. The speakers themselves are from the iPod HiFi, so what you're paying for is nothing more than… »12/19/06 12:36pm12/19/06 12:36pm