Guy Runs over Samsung YP-K5 with Car, Declared Mentally Unstable

Seriously, who does that? There are starving kids all across the world dying for an all-in-one mini boombox digital audio player and this jerk-off is running them over with his car. The YP-K5 survived the test, which says something about its durability, but that's not the point. Don't run over expensive and pretty… »9/19/06 2:13pm9/19/06 2:13pm

I O Data External HDD: Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack, Hulk Smash

The is latest line of external hard drives from I O Data. These drives are built for durability. They even comply with Department of Defense standards. The drives can resist up to 220 pounds of pressure. Sure, they may prevent Hulk from smashing your drive—rendering your hentai collection useless—but who is to say he… »7/24/06 11:08am7/24/06 11:08am