Captured: Accused Rapist Who Taunted Police On Facebook

Remember Dustin McCombs, the rapist suspect who taunted the police in Facebook? Not surprisingly, he was captured by U.S. Marshals in Ohio after their colleagues from the Gulf Coast Regional Task in Birmingham gave them a tip about his whereabouts, presumably using internet address location information. » 2/04/12 1:51pm 2/04/12 1:51pm

Accused Rapist Trolls Police On Facebook

This is Dustin McCombs. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, in Alabama, is accusing him of being a "rapist by force." They posted his mugshot on their Facebook page's Creep of the Week page. When Dustin McCombs learned about it, he was naturally pissed off, so he did what comes most naturally on the internet. He… » 2/03/12 9:28am 2/03/12 9:28am