Grundig Tharus 3D: TV in All Its Dimensions, Someday

Here's yet another iteration of 3D TV, and this Grundig Tharus 3D flat panel lets you watch that 3D without special glasses. Made for the DVB system (the European and Asian broadcasting counterpart of the ATSC high-definition standard here in America), Tharus 3D uses a system where the footage is first acquired by a… » 9/21/06 1:26pm 9/21/06 1:26pm

Trek's ThmbDrive Tuner Combines USB Drive and DVB-TV Tuner

If DVB-TV broadcasts ever catch on the U.S., Trek has a small-sized solution that could make tuning in far more simple than it ought to be. By combining a USB 2.0 flash drive with the DVB-TV tuner, Trek has eliminated the need for extra software discs that end up getting lost more often than not. The drive can have up… » 7/20/06 2:12pm 7/20/06 2:12pm