Activists Want To Use Balloons To Airlift The Interview Into North Korea

Last year, an Atlantic article introduced us to an activist group run by a former North Korean who now uses balloons to airlift information and technology into into the tightly-controlled country. Now, its members want to use their balloons to tote in copies of The Interview, Sony's beleaguered comedy about Kim… » 12/17/14 12:32pm 12/17/14 12:32pm

These Chinese Knockoff DVD Movies Are Hilarious

I may have a bad memory, but I don't remember Matrix Reloaded to be about "white men wanting a stud to breed slaves." Or Arnold Swarchenegger starring in Star Wars. Or a Tom Cruise movie called Pepe Likes Tacos. But, if you are in China, that's exactly what happens. » 1/31/13 7:00pm 1/31/13 7:00pm

Turbo-Charge Your Netflix Streaming Account (Updated)

Already saddled with a 56-day premiere delay, your Instant Queue isn't getting any younger—assuming you can even find something to watch. Here's how to make up for lost time and keep your queue packed with Netflix's (relatively) newest and best offerings. » 1/26/13 12:00pm 1/26/13 12:00pm

Walmart's For-Pay Blu-ray Ripping Is Now Slightly Less Annoying, Still…

If you're looking to convert DVDs and BluRay discs to a digital format and want it to be easy, but not too easy, and definitely not free, Walmart has the service for you. They're automating their Disc-to-Digital service so you can get UltraViolet versions of movies you've already bought. » 1/07/13 11:51am 1/07/13 11:51am

How Often Do You Use Your Computer's Optical Drive?

30 years ago, the CD was born. This, of course, was the medium that would usher in the era of optical drives, a technology that dominated personal computing for decades. And though it's not completely dead, it's certainly on its way out. In fact, I honestly can't even remember the last time I used mine. How often do… » 10/01/12 4:00pm 10/01/12 4:00pm

Optical Drive Cartel Suspected of Keeping Prices High

Despite the fact that optical drives are probably on the way out, the European Commission has announced that it suspects thirteen manufacturers of being involved in a five-year bid-rigging cartel in an attempt to keep prices artificially elevated. » 7/24/12 8:01am 7/24/12 8:01am

Two New Unskippable Warnings for All DVDs

Oh, those government warnings that appear at the start of every DVD and Blu-ray disc are so wonderful. Which is why we should all be extremely happy that there are going to be more, and they're going to last longer! » 5/10/12 3:36am 5/10/12 3:36am

Windows 8 Won't Play DVDs as Standard

Microsoft has recently been dribbling out news of the media functionality of Windows 8, and little has been surprising. But here's something weird: unless you buy the Media Center version of the OS, Windows won't offer any native facility for DVD playback. » 5/04/12 3:43am 5/04/12 3:43am

Qwikster Is a Terrible Name So Netflix Bought

When Netflix announced last year that it was splitting its DVD rental service from its streaming service, consumer anger mostly centered around how subscribers would be getting fewer services for the same price. But part of the PR disaster was about how terrible the name Qwikster is, because, let's face it, it's… » 3/30/12 3:33pm 3/30/12 3:33pm

The Official DVD for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Looks Like a…

This is awesome. The real, authentic, genuine, official Sony Pictures DVD for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo looks like a burned DVD copy complete with the movie's title scribbled in black sharpie. It's supposed to fit the movie's theme and Rooney Mara's character. » 3/21/12 6:20pm 3/21/12 6:20pm

Porting Your Digital Library to Ultraviolet Cloud Might Cost You Four…

If you want to copy that movie you already own to the Ultraviolet cloud at your local Walmart, you may need to pull out your wallet. Reports are circulating that this "convenience" will cost as much as four dollars a title. » 3/13/12 1:00am 3/13/12 1:00am

Netflix Is Bringing DVD-Only Rentals Back

Since the whole Qwikster debacle, Netflix has tried to distance itself from DVD rentals in favor of its streaming service. But red envelopes will soon be popping through mail slots again now that Netflix has reintroduced DVD rentals. » 2/17/12 12:40am 2/17/12 12:40am

Adding WB Movies to Your Netflix Queue Now Takes an Extra Four Weeks

This is some bullsh*t. Warner Brothers and Netflx—as well as Redbox and Blockbuster—have reached a new licensing agreement that forces DVD subscribers to wait a full 56 days after titles hit store shelves to watch WB movies. » 1/27/12 12:09am 1/27/12 12:09am

Hollywood's Digital Movie Locker Finds a Home in Amazon and Samsung's…

The UltraViolet Initiative hasn't exactly been the iTunes-killer Hollywood had hoped for. The File-Locker system, designed to simplify the process of owning one piece of content across multiple formats, has floundered in its first few months with poor reviews, unhappy customers and little industry support. But now… » 1/10/12 9:33pm 1/10/12 9:33pm

Pioneer's New External Blu-Ray Burner Is Lighter and Thinner than a…

The Cloud may be a hot topic in storage but it's not very convenient when you've got more than a couple of Gigs of data to backup. Pioneer's new external Blu-Ray burner can handle up to 128GB with its half inch-tall frame—the World's thinnest. » 1/06/12 3:01am 1/06/12 3:01am

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Good Commentary (and Continues to Make DVDs…

There are two theories at work here. A) Arnold doesn't quite understand what the purpose of a commentary track is, or B) He is actually narrating Total Recall for blind people. Either way, it's friggin' hilarious. (very slightly NSFW) » 11/20/11 5:59pm 11/20/11 5:59pm

Renting a Movie from Redbox Will Cost More Than a Dollar

Redbox, the easiest way to rent a movie for a buck a day, is getting a price hike. And it's a 20% increase! Which makes the price of a Redbox DVD rental a more inconvenient $1.20. Bye, bye dollar days. It's something to do with debit card fees. » 10/28/11 9:32am 10/28/11 9:32am

Netflix Doesn't Own the Qwikster Twitter Feed. This Foulmouthed Pothead…

Netflix wasn't the first to come up with the name Qwikster, which is what they are calling their new/old spinoff DVD company. That distinction goes to a Mr. Jason Castillo, a man with an affinity for bitches and weed. » 9/19/11 9:22am 9/19/11 9:22am

The New M-Disc Is a CD That Can Be Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen and Still…

Millenniata and LG have teamed up to save the CD. Okay, maybe not exactly. They want to save your data by making a new disc that's super tough but also readable with any current DVD or Blu-ray drive. » 8/08/11 9:25am 8/08/11 9:25am