Activists Want To Use Balloons To Airlift The Interview Into North Korea

Last year, an Atlantic article introduced us to an activist group run by a former North Korean who now uses balloons to airlift information and technology into into the tightly-controlled country. Now, its members want to use their balloons to tote in copies of The Interview, Sony's beleaguered comedy about Kim… »12/17/14 12:32pm12/17/14 12:32pm


Walmart's For-Pay Blu-ray Ripping Is Now Slightly Less Annoying, Still Way Overpriced

If you're looking to convert DVDs and BluRay discs to a digital format and want it to be easy, but not too easy, and definitely not free, Walmart has the service for you. They're automating their Disc-to-Digital service so you can get UltraViolet versions of movies you've already bought. »1/07/13 11:51am1/07/13 11:51am

How Often Do You Use Your Computer's Optical Drive?

30 years ago, the CD was born. This, of course, was the medium that would usher in the era of optical drives, a technology that dominated personal computing for decades. And though it's not completely dead, it's certainly on its way out. In fact, I honestly can't even remember the last time I used mine. How often do… »10/01/12 4:00pm10/01/12 4:00pm

Hollywood's Digital Movie Locker Finds a Home in Amazon and Samsung's Hallways

The UltraViolet Initiative hasn't exactly been the iTunes-killer Hollywood had hoped for. The File-Locker system, designed to simplify the process of owning one piece of content across multiple formats, has floundered in its first few months with poor reviews, unhappy customers and little industry support. But now… »1/10/12 9:33pm1/10/12 9:33pm