Why The RealDVD Trial Might Actually Matter

Yes, OK, we called the software lame and poked fun when it earned that inevitable injunction, but that was just too predictable to get all earnest about. Well, RealNetworks might've been playing a long game. » 4/24/09 4:05am 4/24/09 4:05am

RealNetworks Sued for DVD Copying Software That Nobody Wanted Anyway

Almost reflexively, six studios have filed suit against RealNetworks for their brand-new DVD copying software. RealDVD, as it is (was?) called, was tepidly received » 10/01/08 6:15am 10/01/08 6:15am on account of crippling DRM which only allows for viewing of a ripped DVD on one PC, precluding the portability that might account for someone wanting to…