Burn-Your-Favorite-Cult-Classic DVD Kiosk Coming To Walgreens

New ideas are needed to keep the tumbleweeds from blowing through the Walgreens photo department, and the latest is a burn-your-own-DVD kiosk, specializing in the rare and out-of-print. We were the first to report on the DVD Copy Control Association voting to approve the "DVD Download" CSS format. But many of you… »10/29/07 8:34am10/29/07 8:34am


Hollywood Readying Burn-To-DVD Downloads But Do We Care?

A little birdy told us that last night, the DVD Copy Control Association met in a smoke-filled room and ratified the CSS Recordable (aka DVD Download) profile, meaning movie studios may soon release movies that you download, burn to disc and then use almost exactly like standard DVDs. It's not a new DRM—it's actually… »9/20/07 1:08pm9/20/07 1:08pm