DVDX Homebrew Hack Brings Full Wii DVD Playback, Doesn't Require Modchip

All you need is the Homebrew Channel »8/13/08 10:30am8/13/08 10:30am to add your Wii to the hundreds-long list of devices in your house that can play DVDs. Previous DVD hacks , but now you can and install a DVD-capable version of mplayer without opening the hood. It should also play video files off of an SD card, although this is still…


Xbox 360 DVD Player Still Sucks After Update, HD DVD Not Great Either [Updated]

We've known that the Xbox 360 DVD player was asstastic for a while, but surely this latest fall update would have improved things at least a little. No such luck, as the player still only got a 40 out of 130 on the HQV DVD test—which is a non-improvement from before the update. Are things better on the HD side? »12/06/07 2:30pm12/06/07 2:30pm