Toshiba Making Upconverting DVD Players Because HD DVD Loss Still Stings

Poor Toshiba's still not quite over the HD DVD defeat earlier this year, as evidenced by its president saying that they will "not market DVD players that are compatible with Blu-ray," instead opting for upconverting DVD players to bide their time before Blu-ray becomes so prevalent that the company has no choice. »6/02/08 7:40pm6/02/08 7:40pm

iLuv i1255 Desktop iPod Dock/DVD Player Hybrid Is Simple Convergence

The Skinny: The iLuv i1255 is a basically a DVD player with an iPod dock slapped on top. It plays DVDs, VCDs and CDs plus puts media from the iPod on your TV, a common trick nowadays. Basically if you're in the market for both a bare-bones DVD player and iPod dock and wanna save shelf space. The Catch iLuv's i1155 is… »1/04/08 4:45pm1/04/08 4:45pm