Blockbuster and Comcast Hoping to Tag-Team Netflix with DVDsByMail…

Blockbuster, increasingly depressing rental purveyor, has joined with Comcast for aid in the losing battle against Netflix. Their new service is called DVDs By Mail, though there's not much new about it—essentially a discounted Blockbuster Online subscription for Comcast customers. » 8/09/10 12:04pm 8/09/10 12:04pm

Redbox Begins Blu-ray Rentals

As promised, Redbox has started offering $1.50 Blu-ray rentals in several locations. To see which kiosks in your area are offering a higher definition Hot Tub Time Machine, enter your zip code at the Redbox Blu-ray page here. [SlashGear] » 7/30/10 8:55am 7/30/10 8:55am

Redbox's Blu-ray Rentals Will Be $1.50

The president of one-dollar-DVD booth rental chain Redbox says that he wants the Blu-ray rentals to be $1.50 a night, using any thin excuse to charge people slightly more for what's essentially the same size product. » 6/03/10 7:19pm 6/03/10 7:19pm

Blockbuster Fires Off Email Notifying Customers of Price Increase

What kind of price war is this? Yesterday we saw proof of Netflix cutting a dollar off its three-disc at-a-time plan resulting in a $15.99 monthly tariff, and today a tipster shows us an email from Blockbuster talking about raising prices. But there's some good news in that email for existing customers. » 8/17/07 11:15am 8/17/07 11:15am

MovieKlub Destructo-Disks to Begin Short March to Extinction?

MovieKlub, yet another mail-order DVD service, is set to begin this summer offering two DVDs a week for $24.99 per month. But MovieKlub is a bit different, because it foolishly re-hashes an idea that failed miserably in the past. Remember Divx, that ill-fated Circuit City idea that let you keep discs that expired… » 2/27/06 2:56pm 2/27/06 2:56pm