Blockbuster Fires Off Email Notifying Customers of Price Increase

What kind of price war is this? Yesterday we saw proof of Netflix cutting a dollar off its three-disc at-a-time plan resulting in a $15.99 monthly tariff, and today a tipster shows us an email from Blockbuster talking about raising prices. But there's some good news in that email for existing customers. » 8/17/07 11:15am 8/17/07 11:15am

MovieKlub Destructo-Disks to Begin Short March to Extinction?

MovieKlub, yet another mail-order DVD service, is set to begin this summer offering two DVDs a week for $24.99 per month. But MovieKlub is a bit different, because it foolishly re-hashes an idea that failed miserably in the past. Remember Divx, that ill-fated Circuit City idea that let you keep discs that expired… » 2/27/06 2:56pm 2/27/06 2:56pm