Researchers Have Found a Way To Cram 1,000 Terabytes Onto a Single DVD

Now that its bigger brother Blu-ray has stolen the spotlight, paltry 4.7 GB DVDs have slowly started to fade into obscurity. But could they be poised for a comeback? A trio of Chinese scientists have discovered a breakthrough process that could, at least in theory, allow a DVD to store a whopping 1,000 TB—or a full… » 6/21/13 1:03pm 6/21/13 1:03pm

A Blu-ray Disc That Lasts 1,000 Years Guarantees Caddyshack Lives On

They last a lot longer than the tape-based storage of yesteryear, but optical discs, particularly the type you burn at home, aren't guaranteed to survive even a decade. So if you want to pass on that wedding video/vacation photos/copy of Caddyshack to your great-great grand kids, you'll want to opt for Millenniata's… » 6/06/13 9:19am 6/06/13 9:19am

Do You Listen to DVD Commentaries?

A big selling point of DVDs and Blu-rays are exclusive commentaries from the directors and actors. They explain the reasoning behind certain scenes, or how some crazy special effects happened. Movie buffs understandably eat this chatter up. Looper director Rian Johnson even made one that you can listen to in the… » 10/10/12 4:00pm 10/10/12 4:00pm

What Have You Done with All Your Old CDs and DVDs?

Because we're not all artists who can turn dead media into a gigantic skull, I'm curious as to what you guys have done with your dusty collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Laserdiscs, VHS Tapes and all other old, physical media? It seems heartless to toss 'em out but they're also so completely useless. What to do? » 9/11/12 7:30pm 9/11/12 7:30pm

Why Netflix Just Cut Itself in Half

Last night, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took to the internet to explain why his company transformed its DVD business into (the unfortunately named) Qwikster. But here's why he really did it, what happens next, and why it matters. » 9/19/11 10:42am 9/19/11 10:42am

Netflix Splits DVD Delivery and Streaming Services into Two Separate…

Well this is one way to go. Netflix has split its DVD delivery and streaming services into two separate sites. Netflix proper will continue to handle the streaming, and the DVDs will be handled by a new site called Qwikster. » 9/19/11 12:44am 9/19/11 12:44am

Netflix Was Surprised You Guys Didn't Bitch About the Price Hike More

Even though I saw more than my fair share of moans about the Netflix price increase on Twitter and the like, Netflix thinks they got away relatively unscathed. Cue a deluge of further complaints after CEO Reed Hasting's comments. » 7/26/11 11:13am 7/26/11 11:13am